What is this bachelor’s Degree in Business (HRM) all about?
A company grows along with its employees. BA in Business with Human Resource Management is a pioneering programme for those in search of career opportunities in business and in specializing of the Human Resources. The program aims at helping students gather necessary practices such as recruitment, hiring, motivating and rewarding employees so as the entire organization stands benefitted from them.
  • Business in Human Resource Management BA (Hons) is a 3-year programme taught in 6 semesters. Over the first year, students are introduced to integral concepts of finance, marketing, management skills, entrepreneurship. As the course work progresses, students are taught in depth of topics pertaining Human Resource Management such as conflict management, ethical work practices and many more. In the final term, students work collaboratively on a dissertation which will be a result of their knowledges gained, final year project also works as a showcase of their talent in a specialized area.

    • Students should hold a high school degree or an equivalent of GCSE A levels. Grades lesser than C in any of the 3 core subjects will not be accepted for the course.
    • Crisp and clear letter explaining the intent of the student to pursue BA in Business with Human Resource Management.
    • IELTS 6.0 score with no less than 5.5 in each band as a proof of English proficiency levels.
    • If the student fails to submit proof of education, he can be considered for alternative entry by showing substantial proof of work experience in relevant field. Upon request, student will be requested to submit references as a proof of work as well.
    • All students irrespective of the entry type are supposed to submit a duly filled application form. 
  • The following interdisciplinary topics will be covered in the course:

    Year 1: Developing personal and Management Skills, Understanding the Business Environment, Principles of Marketing, Introduction to Finance, People in Organizations, Managing Human Resources

    Year 2: Managing Cross Cultures, Business Processes, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Business Analysis, Planning Human Resources, Managing Change in Organizations

    Year 3: Contemporary Management Issues, Strategic Management, Managing Self and Others, Strategic Issues in HRM

  • Programme costs 8000 Euros per year. This amount is paid towards tuition fees only, all other expenses such as housing, student body organizations, German language learning classes are to be borne separately by the student. Students can apply for scholarship, the issue of which is upon the discretion of the department and program coordinator.

Why study this course?

Human Resources is currently one of the most rapidly expanding management fields. The awareness of healthy work force and managing human capital for yielding high results and productivity for sustainable growth and revolution in businesses is the new emerging trend. At the heart of every healthy organization is a strong Human Resources team, opt for a career in Human Resource Management after BA (Hons) Business to be at the spearhead of innovation and development.

Is it worth doing BA (hons) Business HRM in Germany?

Bachelor’s in Business with Human Resource Management offers the uniqueness of a blend between research and practice. The structure of this program enables students to build knowledge and understanding in students through real time practices and theoretical approaches. Research based learning experience will enable students to work on their management skills, thereby learning to effectively contribute to the work place. Berlin being the capital of Germany, is a striving place for work force. Companies are aggressively looking forward to recruiting students and it goes without mentioning that Berlin is home to some of the finest industries in European Union. This degree is awarded by Arden University, which works in favour of the student as practices of UK are also included course work, allowing students a favourable opportunity to apply for jobs in United Kingdom as well.

Who is this course for?

This course is tailor made for the future Directors and Leaders of business organizations. It is aimed for students wishing to pursue a job in international managements with global context, who have the empathy to connect with people on human level, ability to train recruit and passionate about employment development, managing diversity in work culture, the thirst to learn and hustle. Individuals who aren’t restricting themselves to one industry sector, can also apply for this course.

What is the scope and future of BA Hons in Business (HRM)?

Some of the top companies which have put best Human Resource Practices across the world and most sought after by students to start their careers are Adobe, Facebook, Starbuck, Google, Accenture, Bain and Company to name a few. Bachelor of Art in Business with Human Resource Management opens up doors to innumerable career choices. Graduates can choose to get into fields such as recruitment and hiring, or personality and skill development, operations from managerial perspective, management consultant etc. Graduate of BA in Human Resource Management can opt to join multinational, work as consultants or start up on their own.

What will I learn through this course?

  • Critically evaluate the role and responsibilities of a human resource management department within the organization, learn the practices of aligning the company vision and practices amongst the employees
  • Develop techniques and methodology to bring out the best in employees. Have a keen eye on the best practices of Human Resource Management within the eco-system and dynamically evolve with time.
  •  Inculcate a sense of team management, leadership, empathy and complex understanding of situations, for smooth and effective flow of operations.
  • Develop an awareness of entrepreneurial skills, encouraging the growth of enterprise and creation of new businesses.


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