What is this bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Psychology all about?
Bachelor’s in Criminology and Psychology (hons) is a dual disciplinary program, focused on the two biggest studies in fields of study i.e. Criminology and Psychology. Psychology is a multi-faceted field of study which emphasises on the theories and empirical researches on human mind and behaviour. Criminology is a transdisciplinary subject studying criminal behaviour, deviance and root causes of crime. This degree focuses on the psychological aspect of crime, the connection between people and societies response to crime.
  • This course is spanned over a time period of 3 years. A mix of online classes and on campus classes form the crux of this program. A dissertation at the end of course work if to be submitted which will reflect the skills and knowledge acquired by the candidate throughout the programme. Dissertation can also be aligned in a manner that it focuses a group of study that the candidate is interested to pursue further career in. 

  • September

    • GCSE A levels or equivalent. Any high school degree from recognized board with qualifying pass percentage or grade.
    • English proficiency examination IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 score in each band.
    • Cover Letter
    • If the student fails to adhere to academic requirements, they can consider applying for this course through alternative method of submitting a letter of intent explain the motivation and reason for pursuing this course along with a proof of relevant work experience of greater than 2 years along with references for validation.
  • Modules covered in this field of study are:
    Year 1: Skills for Interdisciplinary study, Introduction to Social and Developmental Psychology, Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology, Crime and Society, Criminal Justice System, Key Studies in Psychology
    Year 2: Research and Ethics in Action, Personality and Intelligence, Social Psychology, Contemporary Debates in Criminology, Environmental Criminology, Environmental Criminology, Policing and Police Powers
    Year 3: Research Planning and Project, Contemporary Developmental Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Cybercrime, Youth Justice.

  • Any prospective student who will be joining this full-time course will be charged 8000 Euros per year. This is inclusive of only tuition fees; any other additional costs will have to be borne by the student himself. German language classes are mandated by the university for smooth transition of the student into German culture and understandings of the environment. Financial support / scholarship information can be found upon contacting the program supervisor.

Why study / choose this course?

Considering the dynamics of the discipline, bachelor’s in Criminology and Psychology makes an interesting topic of study. This course offers students with a unique education in crime, socio-political context of crime, psychological analysis of criminal and anti-social behaviour. BA in Criminology and Psychology is a  multidisciplinary course that covers an array of topics such as law, justice systems, policing and even introduction to Cybercrime. All this imparted by leading faculty and through innovative learning modules make it an interesting field of study to choose.

Is it worth doing BA (hons) Criminology and Psychology in Germany?

Berlin is known for its low cost of living, rich natural landscape, war-torn history and is at the cross roads of the East and West Europe. Germany serves the world’s fourth largest economy and a major player in engineering, science and liberal arts. Post Brexit, Berlin as established itself as the start-up capital of Europe. Considering these factors, Germany and particularly Berlin has become a compelling destination for abroad studies. Post-graduation, students can expect plenty of support from government, ease of visa extension and a huge diversity of student body to mingle with. In short, Berlin is made for student. Considering all these factors, there isn’t really any substantial reason to not study BA (Hons) in Criminology and Psychology in Germany.

Who is this course for?

This programme is for anyone who has real passion for community safety and crime prevention. With a bachelor’s in Criminology and Psychology, students can opt to pursue further study in Psychology and aim to become a certified psychologist. Individuals interested in forensics, social policy and criminal justice system can also opt for this course. 

What is the scope and future of Criminology and Psychology?

Upon successfully graduating with bachelor’s in Criminology and Psychology, candidates can apply for jobs within range of fields such as law enforcement, police, justice, social services, detective agencies, government and not for profit organisations, as victim and offender counsellors, social workers, etc. With the increasing awareness of mental health and crimes, this field of study is gaining more and more recognition. Nations will always need criminologists if there are people out there committing crimes. Working in this field may not be nearly as sensational as depicted in television and tv shows but it has its perks. You will always be in the forefront of crime news and solving crime. At the end of the day, it’s a morally satisfying job, knowing your work has contributed significantly in curbing crime.

What will I learn from this course?

  • Understand biological, cognitive and developmental psychology. Assessing case studies to understand criminology studies and engaging in quantitative application of psychological knowledge.
  • Equip with research skills, behavioural analysis, effective communication and decision making for engaging in crime investigation, gathering crime data, understanding cybercrime.
  • Adaption of skills, knowledge and understanding of major issues and perspectives within psychology.
  • Receive grounding in fundamental principles of criminology and psychology, and its complexities.