Introduction to a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management
When we think of the field of medicine the first image that strikes our head is doctors, nurses and pharmacists. The truth is, it’s really the healthcare people who form the backbone of this sector. Healthcare management executives are the ones who deliver and ensure smooth practices in any hospital or clinic. These individuals are equipped with the healthcare laws, regulations, policies and the know how’s of finance, marketing and human resource management in the healthcare system. This interdisciplinary course gives students an edge through its practice-based learning and conceptual methodology.
  • This three-year bachelor’s program in healthcare management offers students an unparalleled curriculum and practical learning opportunities. At the end of which, students complete and submit a thesis, which provides the students with an opportunity to apply and implement their learning to solve a crisis or a real-world problem for a real client.

  • The intake for this programme takes place in September.

    • Standard entry requirements include the student providing with a letter of intent and justifying the reason for pursuing this degree;
    • A high school level degree or a GCSE A Level equivalent with satisfactory results;
    • Academic IELTS 6.5 score equal to or higher than 5.5 in all bands;
    • All students have to mandatorily submit an application form for evaluation.
    • Year 1: Skills for Learning in Care, Social, Political and Ethical Issues in International Healthcare, Communication and Collaboration in Managing the Professional Environment, Meeting the Needs of Service Users, Planning and Managing Resources, Fostering Dignity and Respect;
    • Year 2: Financial Control & Budgeting, Performance Improvement and Management in Health and Social Care, Public Health, Health Promotion, Inter-Agency Working in Care Delivery, Leading Teams in Health and Social Care;
    • Year 3: Quality Management in Care Setting, Business Analysis and Planning, Global Health and Sustainability, Project Management & Risk.
  • The fees for this programme is €8,000 annually.

Reasons to Choose this Course

The field of healthcare management is desperately in need of practised and educated healthcare professionals who are willing to oversee the operations and overall functioning in this sector. Good leaders, effective communicators and managers are constantly in demand in the healthcare industry. There is plenty of opportunities to grow within organisations, and healthcare is one of the most disciplined and healthy work environments to work in.

Is it Worth Doing a BA in Healthcare Management in Germany?

This interdisciplinary nature of GISMA’s BA (Hons) in Healthcare Management has allowed many graduates to pursue an array of wide career paths. Every graduating batch is supported with several career and professional development workshops designed at polishing the critical skills of the candidate. Owing to these factors and the fact that Germany provides world-class standards in university degrees, makes it worth for a student to pursue a career in healthcare management in Germany.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

Often one might find themselves passionate and fascinated about the business dynamics of the healthcare industry, and in order to pursue a career in this field of healthcare management, a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management might come handy. GISMA’s BA (Hons) in Healthcare Management offered by Arden University provides students with scope for advanced healthcare management careers. This programme will equip students with the skills and tools needed for a career as a healthcare manager or administrator.

Scope and Future of a BA in Healthcare Management

Career opportunities for graduates of this programme would be particularly in the management side of this industry. This profession has been ranked as one of the top 20 fastest growing occupations across the world. Some of the widely accepted jobs range from mid-level managers to CEO's of hospitals. Other sectors accepting students from healthcare management sector are wellness centres, public health departments, health insurance firms, health charities and foundations. Some of the largest employers hiring in this industry are McKesson Corporation, United Health group, Bayer, Novartis, Sanofi etc. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate, study patterns and analyse changing demographics of the management, legal and operations issues impacting the healthcare services;
  • Planning, evaluation and implementation techniques used in the strategic management, finances, human resource management and marketing of the healthcare organisation;
  • Understanding the dynamics of contemporary markets and putting in the practices of this field in progress;
  • Participation in ideation, implementation and execution of various health programs based on theoretical knowledge and practical outlooks;
  • Conduct market analysis to understand growth and profit-making driver in place.
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