What is this BA in Management all about?
BA in management is a program that provides the students an insight into management principles and theories that work in practical situations and those that fail. It also lays emphasis on the impact of good and bad management on the local economy, on the political and social scenario in the country and the environment at large. The program also focuses on management ethics, leadership strategies, social responsibilities of managers, empowerment of people, etc.

Program Details:

  • The duration of BA in Management at Webster University in Leiden is usually for 4 years and includes 128 US credit hours

  • The following are the intake details for pursuing BA in Management at Webster University Leiden:

    Summer, 2019: May 20 to June 28

    Fall 1, 2019: August 26 to October 18

    Fall 2, 2019: October 28 to December 20

  • International students applying at Webster University Leiden must meet the following entry requirements:  

    • Online application form along-with $35 application fee

    • Official transcripts of secondary and post-secondary education for a period of last three years

    • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 or more

    • An essay on a management topic of 400-500 words

    • Two letters of recommendation from an employer, counsellor or teacher

    • Passport copy, current residence permit or visa for Netherlands

    • TOEFL score of 550 /80 or IELTS 6.0, whichever is relevant.

  • The university imparts both full time and part time study for pursuing BA in management. International students can apply for only full time program while EU students can opt for part time and full time both.
  • Students can apply for scholarships for pursuing their BA in management from Webster University Leiden campus.
    • Webster Leiden Campus Scholarship
    • Webster Leiden Legacy Tuition Grant
    • Sverdrup International Study Abroad Scholarship
    Apart from scholarships, students can also avail early consideration discounts and referral discounts.
  • The fees amount purely depends upon the duration of program i.e. full time or part time. Students pursuing full time program needs to pay €8100 flat fee per semester.  Total fee would be €64,400.
    Students pursuing part-time program needs to pay €500 per credit hour.
    We also offer scholarships *
  • Webster University Leiden believes in providing financial funding to its students in order to relieve their financial burden. Also, by doing so, the university enables the students to focus on their academics rather than getting stressed due to financial pressures. The university provides financial funding in the form of grants, scholarships, long-term loans, etc.

Why Study this course / why choose this course?

BA in Management in Netherlands enables an aspiring manager to gain comprehensive knowledge about all aspects of managerial principles and theories, facts and techniques before embarking on a specialized degree course that provides him/her with the competency to deal with complex managerial challenges and practical problems in his/her core area of work.

Is it worth doing BA in Management?

With this course, students gain lifetime understanding and practical training in the relevant fields of planning, scheduling, evaluating, systematically managing, and synchronizing activities to achieve desired results in the ever-changing global scenario. Professionally, there is ample scope of BA in management jobs. From being capable project managers to business analysts and advisers, business development managers to risk managers, corporate investment bankers to data scientists – there are no lack of opportunities for the ones who are dexterous and competent.

Who is this course for? How is it useful to me?

After completing this program, students can:

  • Take effective decisions in challenging situations.

  • Understand the economics and fiscal policies at the national and the international level and act accordingly for the benefit of the organisation.

  • Manage teams through their leadership skills.

  • Effectively use management tools to adapt to the changing business and socio-economic situations worldwide.

  • Use their critical thinking abilities to evolve creative and innovative solutions in the larger benefit of the society.

After completion of BA in management salary is one of the best and the most competitive in the market today.

What is the Scope and future of BA/Bachelors in Management?

Dynamism and ever-changing processes earmark business environments today. This is true at the domestic level as well as at a global level. In this highly competitive business world, the requirement for vibrant leaders and managers is on the rise and is expected to increase further in the coming years.

Hence, the scope of BA in management careers is immense and vast. With Bachelors in Management, you can equip yourself in general management principles, tools and techniques and gain in-depth knowledge in specific areas of your interest. You are able to comprehend the corporate culture basics and are empowered to take strategic business decisions by optimal use of infrastructure and resources at hand.

Job Options, Average Salary –

You can choose to become a supply chain manager, a business development manager, an insurance underwriter, a corporate investment banker, a human resources officer, sales and marketing executive, systems analyst, construction manager depending upon your specialization etc. The average salary globally is quite high now for business managers. For example, the average salary for an Operations Manager in the UK is about £40,526 while for a HR manager it is about £34,987.

Potential employers:

With campus placement facilities, top-of-the-line corporates and multinational companies of repute have been employing students every year.

Do I need work experience to pursue this course?

No. The course is open to freshers as well as experienced professionals.

What will I learn through this course? (Learning Outcomes)

The various aspects of BA in Management course details will help you -

  1. Assume leadership roles and take the onus to comprehend areas of growth and act accordingly to benefit the organization.

  2. Apt at problem solving and use conventional management techniques and blend them with modernized path-breaking practices to arrive at effective solutions.

  3. Become proficient in dealing ethically and independently and pertinently integrating people, processes and resources.

  4. Work on individual strengths and weaknesses to keep growing professionally and personally.