What is this BS in Business Administration all about?
The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is a program, which is aimed to educate the aspirants about the ways of doing business. They are familiarized with the business operations and imparted skills, which can yield productive results for the growth of the respective business. The BS Business Administration program is aimed to develop the strategic and logical thinking capacity of the individual, which can be effective to compete in the fiercely competitive world. Such programs sharpen the skills of the individual and prepare them to face the challenges in the business world.

Program Details

  • The course duration for pursuing BS Business Administration from Webster University in Leiden is 128 US credit hours. Students usually need four years time to pursue and complete this program.

  • The following are the intake details for pursuing BS Business Administration at Webster University Leiden:
    • Summer, 2019: May 20 to June 28
    • Fall 1, 2019: August 26 to October 18
    • Fall 2, 2019: October 28 to December 20
  • International students applying at Webster University Leiden must meet the following entry requirements:  
    • Online application form along-with $35 application fee
    • Official transcripts of secondary and post-secondary education for a period of last three years
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 or more
    • An essay on a management topic of 400-500 words
    • Two letters of recommendation from an employer, counsellor or teacher
    • Passport copy, current residence permit or visa for Netherlands
    • TOEFL score of 550 /80 or IELTS 6.0, whichever is relevant.
  • International students planning to pursue this program must complete minimum 128 credit hours. This includes 42 credit hours, electives and 9 credit hours from School of Business and Technology.
  • The university imparts both full time and part time study for pursuing BS in Business Administration. International students can apply for only full time program, while EU students can opt for part time and full time both.
  • Students can apply for scholarships for pursuing their BS in Business Administration from Webster University Leiden campus.
    • Webster Leiden Campus Scholarship
    • Webster Leiden Legacy Tuition Grant
    • Sverdrup International Study Abroad Scholarship
    Apart from scholarships, students can also avail early consideration discounts and referral discounts.
  • The tuition fees differ according to full time or part time program.
    Students pursuing full time program needs to pay €8100 flat fee per semester.
    Students pursuing part-time program needs to pay €500 per credit hour.
    Full Program Fee €64,400.
    * We also offer scholarships *
  • Webster University Leiden believes in providing financial funding to its students in order to relieve their financial burden. Also, by doing so, the university enables the students to focus on their academics rather than getting stressed due to financial pressures. The university provides financial funding in the form of grants, scholarships, long-term loans, etc.

Why study this course?

The aspirants who want to pursue the course can expect to learn the basics of doing business and engaging the same in real-world analytics. Learning things in theory and applying the same in practical conditions differ largely. The course in BS Business Administration in Netherlands will expose the aspirants to the multitude of business operations. The students will be exposed to the four core pillars of international business; management and organization, finance, accounting and marketing. They will learn to work in teams and develop the spirit of team effort. Time management and multi-tasking are other important areas in which the aspirants are exposed.

Is it worth doing BS in Business Administration?

Learning the basics of business will open the door for international business. The aspirants will get a chance to grow under the guidance of excellent educationists who will share their experiences and knowledge with them. The course will broaden their horizon and give them an opportunity to work in varying business environs. The changing face of business is difficult to understand. However, when the aspirants enrol in BS in Business Administration in Netherlands, their spectrum and horizon undergo an all-round development.  In short, they get prepared for an international career because their hidden talents and skills are polished.

How is this course useful to me?

Apart from the core pillars of business administration, the aspirants can also master the field in information technology, human resource, project management, and logistics. Thus, the course of Business Administration encompasses as wide range of skills, which the individuals are exposed to. With the help of such courses, the students realize that there is so much more in business apart from management. The possible BS Business Administration jobs, which the aspirants can seek, are:

  • Sales manager

  • Financial Analyst

  • Business Consultant

  • Human Resource Analyst

  • Market Research Analyst

  • Meeting, Convention, and Event planners

  • Product Managers

  • Loan Officer

  • Training and Development planners.

What are the scope and future of pursuing a course in BS Business Administration?

The career prospects of the Business Administration executive are bright. Even in the global front, the aspect is very good. However, there are parameters, which play a decisive role in describing the career prospects of an individual.

Following are some of the factors:

  • Type of specialisation in the course

  • Level of experience

  • Level of degree

  • Industry

BS Business Administration salary vary according to the level of degree pursued by the aspirant. It is a well-known fact that an individual with master’s degree will yield better salary prospects than a bachelor’s one. Below mentioned are the base salaries, which a BS Business Administration professional can expect in the initial days:

  • Accounting $54,838

  • Economics $55,965

  • Business management $54,019

  • Human Resource $52,313

  • Finance $55,609

  • Logistics $55,694

  • International Business $54,446

  • Marketing $52,988

General Managers with bachelor’s degree in Business administration can expect a payout around $79,800 while the professionals with master’s degree can earn up to $97,200.  There are professionals who realise in mid-career that Business Administration degree will make a difference in their career graph. Hence, there are institutions, which offer courses for the working professionals also. Their work experience also helps to fetch them a good degree program, which can eventually help to bag a hefty salary package.

What will I learn through this Course? (Learning Outcomes)

The aspirants undertake the course with the aim to do well in their career. They look up to a bright career, which can fetch a decent salary package for them and give them a wide spectrum of exposure in the business industry. The course paves the way for career growth in business and management. The aspirants are exposed to various stages of learning in the field of human resource, finance, management, real estate management, logistics and innovative techniques. The aspirants are made leaders because they are trained to undertake stress and lead their team as a leader. These traits imbibed by them reflect in their behaviour in real-time market conditions. The aspirants can expect a Bachelor of Science Business Administration career, which is bright.