Introduction to a Course in Business and Management
The business and management programme focuses on imparting management skills and knowledge in different business areas. This academic and theoretical course enables the students to have an insight into the fundamental concepts about the business world. Management is a core aspect of any business, and without effective management, a business cannot perform well. Keeping this in mind, this course provides the understanding of different business areas as well as the key issues and principles that can make or break the business

Reasons to Choose this Course

This course is specially designed and structured to develop business skills and promote the understanding of the vital concepts of various disciplines of business. Students who aspire to become future business leaders can choose this course in order to equip themselves with the required skills and tools to handle different business situations and get the knowledge to be creative while doing the business. Another important reason to choose this course is to get a comprehensive view of the business practices that vary according to the changing business environment. This will help to create entrepreneurial awareness that will allow students to deal with different challenges arising in their future professional careers.

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