Introduction to a Course in Computing and IT

This course in computing and IT deals with theoretical concepts of information and computer technology along with taking the practical approach of computing applications. The area of computing and information technology covers the use of computing technology that follows well-defined models in the way of processing the information. This course will impart knowledge about the information processing methods as well as the design and development of computer systems and software. This will enable the students to build technical skills as well as focus on problem-solving across all the areas of computing.

Reasons to Choose this Course

Information technology and computing have completely transformed the way we do business, learn to communicate or even entertain ourselves. Computer science courses are in high demand across various business sectors. This course will cover a wide array of topics such as programming, networking, operating systems, software design and development, computer science, and digital technologies. Students will get an opportunity to obtain technical knowledge as well get an insight into the computing and information world by studying the fundamental aspects. This student-centred course will impart theoretical and practical knowledge through different modes of study.

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