Introduction to a Bachelor’s Degree in Dual Sport and Event Management
A Bachelor’s Degree in Dual Sport and Event Management helps students pursue a professionally developed course in the sports they are interested in, but it also prepares them to manage the entire ambit of sports entertainment and management. The duality of the course – Sports Management and Event Management is integrated and intertwined professionally, thus helping students develop into holistic professionals ready to take on the unique challenges in the world of sports and sports event management.
  • This programme has a holistic syllabus and it includes certain core courses like Macroeconomics, Public Speaking, Statistics, Accounting and Law, apart from some elective courses.
    • Minimum GPA of 2.5/4.0 (C average) or higher;
    • ACT composite of 18 or above;
    • SAT equivalent of 940 or higher for combined math and evidence-based reading and writing (for tests taken after March 2016);
    • Students applying for this course should have completed 16 units (including English, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Studies and Liberal Arts) of high school work among which at least 11 should be in basic Liberal Arts areas.

Reasons to Choose this Course

Students should choose this course as this degree would help them become a professional in the sport that they love and it would also help them in gaining information about the advantages and challenges of managing global players.

Is it Worth Doing a Bachelors in Dual Sport and Event Management in Germany?

The Bachelors in Dual Sport and Event Management is an advanced course in the field of sports management, which further gains importance because of the varied range of job opportunities that the students would have, both in Germany and across the globe. This particular degree helps you become a sport and event management expert by focusing on areas such as Event Planning, Intercollegiate Sports, Facility Management, and the wider gamut of Travel and Tourism especially related with Sports and Sports events. Therefore, students pursuing this programme can expect multiple job opportunities in the sports and event management industry.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

This course on dual sports and event management is for all those students who are passionate about sports (or at least a particular sport such as basketball and football) and sporting events and aspire to make a career out of their passion. On completion of this programme, students can choose from a variety of career options such as Event Planning, Intercollegiate Sports, Facility Management, Hospitality Management, Marketing (both sports and events) and Public Relations.

Scope and Future of Bachelors in Dual Sport and Event Management

Sports industry especially the sports management and events industry is a flourishing industry, which requires professional management and approach in order to make such sports and sports related events a success. The various career opportunities that this particular course offers are Athlete Agent, Sports Marketing Specialist, Event Planner, Sports Information Director, Athletic Coach, Fitness/Recreation Manager, Sports Event Manager, Convention Planner, Lodging Manager or become a part of the Athletics Administration.

Learning Outcomes

Some of the learning outcomes from this particular course of study include gaining expertise in finer aspects of management in the domains of economics, accounting, finance, marketing, promotion, and other such allied aspects of management related to sports, events and the entertainment industry at large. The course helps students critically analyse situations, develop effective and efficient solutions, engage in innovations and innovative solutions, perform analytics, manage finances, develop teamwork and exhibit leadership growth.