Introduction to a Master's Degree in Fashion Retail and Luxury Management
The MA in Fashion Retail and Luxury Management at BSBI is a ground-breaking programme, wherein students explore the production, dissemination and consumption of fashion from various vantage points.
  • Master in Fashion Retail and Luxury Management is 18-month course split into 4 semesters, offering students an international perspective in global fashion standards, and luxury-specific culture.

  • The intake is in February, May and October every year.
  • Undergraduate degree from a recognized university or a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience in a similar industry. Additional work experience will be considered as an advantage. Interested students should be a minimum of 21 years. Foreign students are supposed to submit proof of their English proficiency levels. (IELTS higher than 5.5 in all bands, PTE 50+ score or equivalent). BSBI doesn’t have a predominant national culture, hence it gives scope for diversity to become a powerful learning tool. A typical class includes students who have been previously employed in retail, fashion and sales. There is a good turnout of students who belong to the entrepreneurial sector. This kind of unique diversity prepares the prospect graduates to excel and succeed in their careers anywhere in the world

  • The first two semesters will focus on the theoretical concepts. Experiential learning is given huge importance in this course, hence in the third semester, students are encouraged to apply for internships focused on professional practices in the luxury segment. This internship enables students to meet with leading industry professionals and visit companies in the fashion and luxury industries. Owing to the rapidly changing dynamics of fashion and luxury industry, modules on digital marketing and entrepreneurship are also included in the coursework. In the fourth and final semester, students are required to apply the course content while working on a final project. In addition, topics are picked in such a manner that there are in line with the students' future goals.  All the courses are taught in English and German is included in the course work along with a topic on research methodology.

    • Marketing & Luxury Brand Management;
    • Visual Merchandising and Creative Design;

    • Sustainable Fashion Branding;

    • Brand Globalisation;

    • Fashion Business Management;

    • Digital Marketing;

    • Entrepreneurship;

    • Professional Practice in the Luxury Brand (internship focus module);

    • Leadership Development Programme (LSBF Executive Education);

    • Research Methods & German Language Studies.

    • Fees: 11,000 for international students and 6000 for EU Students;

    • Internships: As a student of the Berlin School of Business and Innovation, you will be offered work placements and paid internships for a minimum of two weeks and maximum of 2 months;

    • The degree is awarded by Universita Telematica Internazionale (UNINETTUNO).

Reasons to Choose this Course

Urbanisation has made the current generation exposed to luxury and fashion and it is estimated that one in six people work in the global fashion industry directly or indirectly making it one of the highest employers in comparison to any other industry. This course covers essential management skills as well as industry-specific skills such as Fashion Business Management, Sustainable Fashion Branding and Brand Globalisation, making it one of the most sophisticated programs in the fashion retail and luxury management sectors. It is expected that graduates of this course will either take up positions in multinational companies in the fashion and luxury industry or become entrepreneurs themselves.

Is it Worth doing an MA in Fashion Retail and Luxury Management from Germany?

BSBI offers a huge breadth of academic and extracurricular activities to students on campus. The aim of BSBI is to help students achieve the highest levels during their tenure. In addition, BSBI provides students with a tailored campus and community resources to help students actualise their academic and personal dreams. The exceptional staff is readily available if needed. BSBI promises the combo of glamour and grit and is bound to mesmerise anyone should they be keen to explore its vibrant culture, gastronomical food experiences, intense parties and tangible history.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

This stimulating course prepares participants with specialised knowledge in fashion retail and luxury management to support a career in this industry. This programme is designed for individuals who are looking at escalating and setting up a successful career in the fashion and retail sectors with a strong hold on retail business ethics and customer engagement.

Scope and Future of an MA in Fashion Retail and Luxury Management

Using a variety of effective tools and frameworks, Berlin School is Business and Innovation supports the students in a process of self-assessment and discovery in conjunction with the career centre that helps students realise their full potential. Graduates tend to branch out into fashion management, product development, luxury branding, merchandising retail and consultancy sectors. 

Potential Employers

Top employers of MA Fashion and Luxury Management graduates are NIKE, Alexander Wang, Estee Lauder, L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Crowne Plaza Dubai, Christian Dior, Cartier and Burberry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire and develop the effective communication skills and specific management skills required at optimising performance and growth and resolving contemporary issues in fashion;

  • Develop and nurture innovative approaches to complex problem solving, apart from benefiting from the teaching staff who possess extensive scientific and professional industry experience;

  • Understand the cross parameters of technology and innovation in fashion retail and design business. 

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses through self-reflective activities, and strengthen the key themes of team dynamics, conflict motivation, managing a team and leadership skills;

  • Expand existing transferrable and practical skills, apart from comprehending ethical approaches in luxury management and retail fashion business.

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