What is M.A. International Relations all about?
M.A. International Relations course includes the study of State Systems, International law, Foreign Policy, Geopolitics and Conflict Management. This course is designed to tackle the increasing complexities at the international level. This programme will help the students analyze and access the crises rationally, resourcefully and independently. The study of International relations affects the interactions among states and non-state actors across national boundaries. Students can get a quick entry in the professional workforce, as they will be trained to determine and resolve world-scale problems. The prime focus of the course is: 1. Maintain Diplomacy 2. Adhere to the International Laws 3. Liberal Outlook 4. Emphasize on the interests of the social classes 5. Encourage Progress 6. Counteract Resistance

Program Details

  • The Course duration comprises two years which is 36 credit hours.
    Start Date
    Application Deadline
    I-20 Request Deadline
    Begin Course Registration
     Fall 1, 2019
     August 19, 2019
     June 7, 2019
     June 21, 2019
     April 8, 2019
     Fall 2, 2019
     October 21, 2019
     August 9, 2019
     August 23, 2019
     April 8, 2019
     Spring 1, 2020
     January 6, 2020
     October 25, 2019
     November 8, 2019
     October 28, 2019
     Spring 2, 2020
     March 16, 2020
     January 8, 2020
     January 17, 2019
     October 28, 2019
     Summer 2020
     May 25, 2020
     March 16, 2020
     March 30, 2020
     March 5, 2020
    • Transcripts of Under Graduate Degree
    • Any transcripts if, not issued by the university in English will require a certified English translation and the official original language document.
    • Undergraduate cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above
    • Proof of English language proficiency.
    • A curriculum vitae
    • Transcripts of Mark Sheets
    • Passport
    • 300 words essay
    English Proficiency Test: The acceptable English Proficiency test scores are mentioned below
    English Test
    Minimum Score Required
     Minimum 6.5


     iBT 80 or PBT 575
     Pearson Treat of English Academic 
     Minimum 53
     Cambridge Academic English
  • There are several subjects in the curriculum including consulting practice, developmental approach, managing diversity, enhancing communication, etc. Assessments are done through traditional and online tests.


  • The Teaching mode for the course is on campus;the applicants will be treated with theory as well as practical knowledge.
  • The syllabus is comprised for several inlisted subjects:
    • Introduction to International Relations
    • Research Methods and Perspectives
    • Capstone in International Relations
    • Two courses from the Comparative Politics Cluster
    • Four courses from the International Politics Cluster
    • Additional graduate elective credit hours
    • International Relations Elective Courses
    • Field Work
    • Professional Seminars
    • Non-Thesis Readings/Research
    • Advanced Research Methods
    • Internship.
  • Estimated Costs for the 2019-2020 Academic Year for Graduate International Students
    Living Expenses
    Health Insurance
     St. Louis
    * We also offer scholarships *
    Living Expenses include estimates for housing, food, personal care, entertainment, and books.
    Health Insurance is mandatory for all international students unless they have a government-sponsored health insurance.

Why study this course?

The master of arts in international relations is aimed to enhance abilities to analyze the complexities and processes involved in world politics as well asforeign affairs. This Course work provides exposure tocrucial subfields of the discipline. Moreover, It talks about relevant issues such as globalization, human rights, humanitarian action, and economic development.

  1. The course recommended for students planning to pursue a Ph.D.in the same stream or any other academic career

  2. M.A international relations in U.S.A is taught entirely in English.

Is it worth doing M.A. International Relations?

International Relations aims at preparing the student for governmental services, inter-Governmental organizations, Multinational Corporation, diplomatic agencies, etc. M.A. International Relations careers are always beneficial, as it will always be in demand and there is a scope for improvement and study

Who is this course for? How is it useful to me?

M.AInternational Relations is a course for individuals with a knack to study Political scenarios and society. Individual who seek news writing as a career can also enroll in the classes. M.A International Relations Jobsare mostly white collars. Viz. Students can work with a governmental agency, an inter governmental organization, anNGO, a multinational corporation or in Newspaper, Magazines, Television Studio.

What is the Scope and future of M.A. International Relations?

International relations are part of the community and will exist forever. It requires an International relation expert to spectate, listen, understand and form an opinion about what’s going in the international politics and society. The field has vast dimensions of jobs.

Job Options

Graduates can practice as follows:

  1. International relation expert

  2. Working with NGO

  3. News Writer

  4. News Editor

  5. International relation manager

  6. Television reporter

  7. News Reporter

Average Salary

It is a field with a lot of whitecollar jobs. MA International Relations salary varies from $40,846 to $155,019. Here is some estimated salary of individual who pursued M.A International relations as per payscale.com:

  1. International relation Journalist - $48,571

  2. Diplomatic agent - $55,552

Potential Employers

International relations experts can work with a governmental agency, an inter governmental organization, a non governmental organization, or a multinational corporation. Moreover, Every News magazines, News Websites, News Papers viz. CNN, Foreign Affairs, World affairs, Harvard International Review are a potential employer for the field.

Do I need work experience to pursue this course?

MAInternational Relations eligibility criteria don’t ask for any specific work experience to pursue the course though students must be keen and enthusiast towards writing, listening, understanding and forming opinions about the relation between various nation-state.

What will I learn from this course?

Students who enroll for this program will be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of several sub-fields within international relations discipline. It also enhances the research skills of the individual. Moreover, It helps students Critically analyze international events and issues, apply theories, and provide an opportunity to demonstrate effective written communication skills.