Human behaviour can keep evolving for the better with constant counselling. As a matter of fact, the careers of counsellors are going great guns in the recent years. The awareness among the people to go to counsellors has also increased which has directly increased the demand for such professionals. It is a wide subject and the aspirants can study the counselling psychology in relation to social science research. To study MA in Psychology with Emphasis in Counseling Physiology in Netherlands, Webster is an ideal institution.
  • The duration of full time MA in Psychology with Emphasis in Counselling Psychology is 24 months. Only full time course is there for this program.

  • The following are the intake details for pursuing MA in Psychology with Emphasis in Counseling Psychology at Webster University Leiden:


    Summer, 2018: May 28 to July 27

    Fall 1 2018: August 20 to October 19

    Fall 2, 2019: October 22 to December 21

    Spring 1, 2019: Jan 7 to March 8

    Spring 2, 2019: March 18 to May 17

  • International students applying at Webster University Leiden must meet the following entry requirements:  

    • Online application form along-with $35 application fee

    • Certif5ed university transcripts

    • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 or more

    • Copy of recent CV

    • 1 pager letter of motivation

    • Two letters of recommendation

    • TOEFL score of 550 /80 or IELTS 6.5, if applicable

  • Students are required to finish minimum 48 credit hours in different subjects covered under this program.

  • The university imparts only full time study for pursuing MA in Psychology with Emphasis in Counselling Psychology.


  • PSYC 5000 Bases of Counseling Psychology (3 credit hours)

    PSYC 5100 Approaches to Counseling and Therapy (3 credit hours)

    PSYC 5200 Advanced Developmental Psychology (3 credit hours)

    PSYC 5300 Psychopathology (3 credit hours)

    PSYC 5400 Research Design (3 credit hours)

    PSYC 5500 Assessment (3 credit hours)

    PSYC 5600 Group Processes and Group Therapy (3 credit hours)

    PSYC 5700 Psychopharmacology (3 credit hours)

    PSYC 5800 Ethical and Legal Foundations (3 credit hours)

    PSYC 5900 Applied Statistics and Research Methods (3 credit hours)

    PSYC 6000 Special Topics in Counseling Psychology (3 credit hours)

    PSYC 6100 Masters’ Thesis (6 credit hours)

    PSYC 6200 Practice and Supervision (3 credit hours)

    PSYC 6300 Internship (6 credit hours)

  • Students pursuing full time program needs to pay €1800 per 3 credit hour course. There are in total sixteen 3 credit courses in total. Total fees is €30000.

  • Webster University Leiden believes in providing financial funding to its students in order to relieve their financial burden. Also, by doing so, the university enables the students to focus on their academics rather than getting stressed due to financial pressures. The university provides financial funding in the form of grants, scholarships, long-term loans, etc.

What is this Psychology with Emphasis in Counseling Psychology all about?

It is a program, which is meant to provide the aspirants with the skills and direction about human psychology and behaviour and the way to deal with varied circumstances. It is based on the scientist-practitioner training model. The aspirants get prepared to pursue advanced studies in Psychology and get trained to start their practice. The students also gather knowledge about psychotherapy and counselling. Research is the core practice, which the aspirants have to follow. After the completion of the MA psychology with Emphasis in Counseling Psychology, the aspirant has to get certified with license to operate in the respective country of their choice. This is an important aspect of the course and the career also depends upon the licensing details of the aspirant.


Why Study this course / why choose this course?

The course is primarily focusing on the development of human theories, ethical standards and the research methods. The main aim of the aspirants becomes to treat the people with emotional distress and disorders. Thus studying human psychology is an important part of their studies. Through each person is different, yet the behaviour patterns can be studies. Research with respect to multi-cultural themes can really work wonders for the aspirants. In MA in Counseling Psychology also offers the aspirants to pursue specialisation in any specific track of their choice. They can get skilled through internships also.


Is it worth doing MA in Psychology with Emphasis in Counseling Psychology?

The program aims to offer training to the aspirants with the approach of scientist-practitioner philosophy, which is relevant with the counselling psychology doctoral programs. The students complete the theory part in counselling psychology and are exposed to the practical clinical training in the labs. They also have to complete their research work related to the topic selected by the. This involves writing dissertations too. Additionally, to get a license, they will have to get further training and they have to get the license as it is mandatory to achieve one so that the graduate can start operating.


The MA in Psychology with Emphasis in Counseling Psychology duration is 2 years and the minimum eligibility to get enrolled for the course is Bachelor’s Degree. Webster in Netherlands offers a 2-year course for the same.


Who is this course for? How is it useful to me?

The students who are pursuing the course learn to relate the psychology theories with real-world situations. They are exposed to study the topics like human development psychology, psychopathology, group counselling and dynamics, counselling principles, psychometric testing, and substance-abuse treatment. MA in Psychology with Emphasis in Counseling Psychology details is available in the campus. The interested aspirants can even ask their queries in the office of the institution. These are advanced level courses and thus course involves a lot of research. The time spent in the practical labs is also high.


What is the Scope and future of MA/Masters in Psychology with Emphasis in Counseling Psychology?

The career options for the aspirants are diverse. The aspirants become pro in social work, counselling, and therapy. They are exposed to career options in both the public and private sector organisations.


MA in Psychology with Emphasis in Counseling Psychology career position options are as follows:

  • Mental health counsellors

  • Rehabilitation counsellors

  • Marriage and family issue counsellors

  • Substance abuse and addiction counsellors

These positions are found in both the private and the public sector organizations. The career prospects for such professionals are bright. Considering the insecurities and the level of exposure in the recent years, psychological counselling is required so that people can understand their life in a better way and can be able to take decisions which turn out to be favourable for them. The individuals who undertake the course is exposed to research work which itself is enlightening for them. Moreover, based on the research they are able to link real-life situations, which prove to be beneficial for them.


What will I learn through this course? (Learning Outcomes)

Learning outcomes of the course comes forth after the successful completion of the course. The aspirant is able to apply for the study in practical sessions of psychotherapy and thus is able to guide their clients. They minutely observe human behaviour and this proves to be beneficial in giving the perfect advice to the customers. Legal requirements to operate as professionals require licensing and the professional is aware of the format. They are able to identify the tests used in psychotherapy and thus can apply the same in real-life situations.

MA in Psychology with Emphasis in Counseling Psychology syllabus can be highly interactive. It exposes the individuals to varying levels of human behaviour, which helps them to get a better understanding of the same, and they can thus impart the optimum counselling sessions.