What is this MA/Masters Degree in Organisational Development all about?
Masters in Organizational Development course aims towards maintaining an able-bodied organization. This Behavioural science focuses on engaging employees in the practical development of their talents by motivating them through various techniques. Techniques include behavioural patterns, group dynamics and performance appraisal. This programme will help the students think reasonably, creatively and independently. Students can get a quick entry in the professional workforce, as they will be trained to resolve world-scale problems. The prime focus of the course is: 1. Developing Leaders 2. Adapting to Change 3. Understanding Motivation 4. Learning Negotiation Skills 5. Appraising Workforce 6. Counteract Resistance

Program Details

  • 36 credit hourse are required to complete this particular course.

  • Intake
    Start Date
    Application Deadline
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    Begin Course Registration
    Fall 1, 2019
    August 19, 2019
    June 7, 2019
    June 21, 2019
    April 8, 2019
    Fall 2, 2019
    October 21, 2019
    August 9, 2019
    August 23, 2019
    April 8, 2019
    Spring 1, 2020
    January 6, 2020
    October 25, 2019
    November 8, 2019
    October 28, 2019
    Spring 2, 2020
    March 16, 2020
    January 8, 2020
    January 17, 2019
    October 28, 2019
    Summer 2020
    May 25, 2020
    March 16, 2020
    March 30, 2020
    March 5, 2020
  • 1. Undergraduate degree from any University or business School that must have a business-related accreditation
    2. Transcripts of Mark Sheets
    3. TOEFL IBT – 80 or TOEFL PBT -575
    4. IELTS Academic -6.5
    5. Essay or resume - 300 words 
  • There are several subjects in the curriculum including consulting practice, developmental approach, managing diversity, enhancing communication, etc. Assessments are done through traditional and online tests.
    Modes of Teaching Delivery
    The Teaching mode is on campus and online where the applicants will be treated with theory as well as practical knowledge.
    • Practicing Organizational Development
    • Change Leader Self-Mastery
    • Organizational Development Consulting Practices
    • Data-Driven Approaches to Organizational Developments
    • Designing, Building, and Leading Effective Teams
    • Managing Communication During Change
    • Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion
    • Designing and Facilitating Organizational Development Interventions
    • Achieving Breakthrough Results
    • Organizational Development in Emerging Situations
    • Organizational Development in a Global Context
    • Capstone Project in Organizational Development
    Estimated Costs for the 2019-2020 Academic Year for Graduate International Students
    Living Expenses
    Health Insurance
     St. Louis
    * We also offer scholarships *
    Living Expenses include estimates for housing, food, personal care, entertainment, and books.
    Health Insurance is mandatory for all international students unless they have a government-sponsored health insurance.

Why study this course?

Master’s in Organizational development discovers business relationships that involve individuals, groups and organizations. Scientific approaches towards individual behaviour and interpersonal relationships help students understand how this affects an organization’s culture. These students’ help employees resist the changes and adjust to the evolving work environment.

  •  Master’s in Organizational Development provides the ability to apply strategic vision, capitalize leadership qualities, enhance productivity and Consultation skills

  • The program M.A. in Organizational Development, USA is entirely in English.

Is it worth doing MA/Masters in Organisational Development?

Business is an ongoing process, so are its pillars- personnel, financial, marketing, administration and so on. A degree in any management related subject is always beneficial, as it is always in demand and encourages innovations. Masters in Organizational Development salary varies from $62,000 - $108,250 in USD.

Who is this course for? How is it useful to me?

Masters in Organizational Development jobs are mostly aimed at development of the organization in this tough competitive market. Maintaining International relations, human resource, marketing strategies all are a part of Organizational Development. Effective communication skills, extensive knowledge base, leadership qualities, decision making abilities, and critical analysis is deemed fit for the course. This course is designed for managers and other professionals who want to utilize organizational development as a profession.

What is the Scope and future of MA/Masters in Organizational Development?

The future of organizations lies in their need to sustain through ages and stay relevant even as technology and economic variables disrupt its flow. M.A. in Organizational Development eligibility can help attain the roles offered under Business HR functions in the organization. The managers and professionals are also hired as internal and external consultants.

Job Options

Graduates can apply for following designations after completion of course:

  1. OD Consultant

  2.  OD Managers

  3.  Learning and Development Managers

  4. Social and Community Service Manager

  5.  Organizational Effectiveness Manager

  6. Management Analyst

  7. Instructional Coordinator

  8. Training and Development Manager

Average Salary

Compensations are based on the organization, skills, and experience of the employees, and its market recognition.According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), 2017 an average of $62,000 - $108,250 is provided to students qualifies in Organizational Development.

Here are a few estimated wages as per bls.gov
  1. Average Salary of  Management Analyst- $82,450

  2. Average Salary of Training and Development Managers- $108,250

  3. Average Salary of Social and Community Service Manager- $64,100

Potential Employers

Every Business Organization requires an efficient person deal with the ever-changing global business scenario tactfully. Managing the personnel of any organization requires a strategic capability; hence, Master’s in Organizational Development has various potential employers like Apple, Microsoft, BRAC, CARE, etc.

Do I need work experience to pursue this course?

M.A. in Organisational development does not need any work experience; a bachelor’s degree in any of the management courses can easily enrol the candidate for the course. However, students need to demonstrate certain proficiency like:

  • Foster diversity
  • Accept change and innovations
  • Leadership skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Sense of ethics and law

What will I learn from this course?

M.A. in Organizational Development syllabus comprises of various topics including Organizational Development Consulting Practices, Data-Driven Approaches to Organizational Developments,Managing Communication during Change, Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion, Designing and Facilitating Organizational Development Interventions are also a part of the curriculum.