What is this MBA Business Administration all about?
MBA in business administration is a business and management driven course that equips the students with the techniques and approaches to solve a wide range of business problems. It provides the students with an insight into different domains of management and gives an advanced knowledge of how to create value for customers.
  • The duration for traditional MBA program at Webster University is 2 years which is a 36 credit hours program.

  • Intake
    Start Date
    Application Deadline
    I-20 Request Deadline
    Begin Course Registration
     Fall 1, 2019
     August 19, 2019
     June 7, 2019
     June 21, 2019
     April 8, 2019
     Fall 2, 2019
     October 21, 2019
     August 9, 2019
     August 23, 2019
     April 8, 2019
     Spring 1, 2020
     January 6, 2020
     October 25, 2019
     November 8, 2019
     October 28, 2019
     Spring 2, 2020
     March 16, 2020
     January 8, 2020
     January 17, 2019
     October 28, 2019
     Summer 2020
     May 25, 2020
     March 16, 2020
     March 30, 2020
     March 5, 2020
  • 1. Undergraduate degree
    2. Baccalaureate degree from a U.S. accredited institution
    3. Online Application with USD 50 application fee
    4. Official transcripts
    5. Certificate of Finance
    6. Passport
    7. Undergraduate cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above
    English Proficiency Test: The acceptable English Proficiency test scores are mentioned below
    English Test
    Minimum Score Required
     Minimum 6.5


     iBT 80 or PBT 575
     Pearson Treat of English Academic
     Minimum 53
    Cambridge Academic English
  • Teachers at Webster University impart skills and knowledge to students and use different teaching techniques that give a real world perspective to students. Distinguished faculty members from around the world create student centred learning environment at Webster. Students are given real world exposure by delving into the problems and solving them by applying the tricks and approaches learnt in the class.

    The course requires the students to complete 27 credit hours of the designed MBA curriculum and 9 credit hours of graduate electives, which make 36 credit hours. At Webster University, a Grade Point Average is calculated based on student performance and it is assessed based on work taken at the university.

  • MBA Business Administration programme at Webster University can be pursued either on campus or online or both. Students have the option of joining the full-time course and study at the campus among the students from diverse cultures or can learn online at their convenience or pursue both.

  • The course curriculum is designed with respect to all the major domains and aspects of business management. Information and theories from various disciplines include accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, production, operations, strategic management and many more. It offers the students with the knowledge of all the tools and techniques that are required for solving real business problems.


    There are some areas of emphasis of this MBA degree. These are:

    • Corporate Finance

    • Cyber security

    • Digital Marketing Management

    • Marketing

    • Media Communications

    • Project Management

    • Gerontology

    • Environmental Management

    • International Relations

    • Health Administration

  • Estimated Costs for the 2019-2020 Academic Year for Graduate International Students
    Living Expenses
    Health Insurance
     St. Louis
    Living Expenses include estimates for housing, food, personal care, entertainment, and books.
    Health Insurance is mandatory for all international students unless they have a government-sponsored health insurance.

Why study this course?

As the business and corporate world develops and advances, a degree of MBA in business administration in US becomes highly desirable. This course opens door of opportunities for the students as they are imparted with management skills and get the requisite knowledge of all the major areas of management.


Is it worth doing MBA Business Administration?

Pursuing MBA Business Administration accelerates a student’s career as it develops the ideas and skills that can be transformed into a successful business operation or can be applied at a managerial position. It stimulates the knowledge about different aspects of management through its well-designed curriculum and the series of other methods used. Moreover, with innumerable MBA business administration job opportunities in market, candidates will be in a win – win situation post pursuing this programme.


Who is this course for?

This course is best suited for the students who have an interest in learning about various domains of the business as well as how a management works efficiently. All the students eager to develop their skills and expertise within the fields of business and management can pursue this MBA in business administration for bright career opportunities.


What is the scope and future of MBA Business Administration?

Today every corporate business is expanding and in this age of competition, a degree in business administration can help to progress the career in a very steady manner. The scope of MBA is very demanding and vast. After completing the course, there are innumerable opportunities in corporates, enterprises and firms. As the businesses are moving to international level, an in-depth knowledge of business concepts and managerial techniques can give ample scope for career in different business domains.


Job Options:

Some of the job options post MBA in business and administration are given below:

Marketing manager

Sales manager

Investment fund manager

Investment banker

High-end management consultant

Health services manager

Financial manager

Computer and Information Systems Manager


Average Salary of MBA Business Administration graduates:

On an average, an MBA graduate in USA earns US$105000 a year, which is equivalent to NR 71.40 Lakhs.


Do I need work experience to pursue this course?

It is not compulsory for a candidate to have a prior work experience for pursuing MBA in business administration.


What will in learn through this course? (Learning Outcomes)

In order to outperform in a competitive business environment, it is very essential to pursue MBA in Business and Administration. By pursuing this course from Webster University, students will be able to solve both semi structured and unstructured business problems. Moreover, with a strong academic foundation, students will be able to use their knowledge and intellect in every primary functional areas of business.



1. Are dual degree specialisations available?

Yes, dual degree programmes are available at Webster University. Some of these are MBA/MS in Finance, MBA/MA in Human Resource Management, MBA/MA in Information Technology Management and others.


2. Does the university provide with financial aid?

Yes, the students who need supplemental financial support to the costs of education are offered with a comprehensive system of financial aid.