Introduction to Corporate Financial Management
Financial management is an important aspect in today’s economy. Companies including financial institutes look for experts that can handle large accounts seamlessly. MSc Corporate Financial Management is a degree that provides in-depth knowledge of the field. The main focus of the course remains not only at the learning experience but also on the skill development so that the students can become career ready as soon as they acquire the degree.

Reasons to Choose this Course  

Choosing MSc Corporate Financial Management opens career options beyond your expectations. Being a prestige degree, it offers you exposure not only in your country but also across the globe where you can join multinational companies as a finance expert. It is an amazing opportunity for those who want to gain a master's degree while pursuing their career as you can complete the degree online as well.

Is it Worth doing Corporate Financial Management in Germany?   

Corporate financial management course is an essential part of the job profile of those who are looking at career perspective in companies as an accountant and in the field of finance management. An MSc Corporate Financial Management increases jobs opportunities and it is ideal for those who are looking to move further in their career. It is also a perfect choice for students who are interested in doing doctoral studies or research-oriented careers in the field of finance.

Who Should Pursue this Course?  

Students who have completed MSc corporate financial management have better salary options. The students develop a better understanding of financial theory and empiricism. You can join this degree not only as a regular student but also in distance learning. The course is an amazing opportunity to find better career paths.

Scope and Future of Corporate Financial Management

The scope after doing MSc in corporate financial management is vast. You get a chance to work with some of the best companies across the globe. The main area of interest will be the banking and investment sector where such expertise is required. In addition, companies look for experts who can manage their accounts and finances. You can also opt for further studies and go for a doctoral in finance after completing this course. Another option is the research field where institutes hire experts to develop new theories and test the current methodology to find better ways to deal with finances. Once you have acquired the degree you can expect a starting salary of $75000 per annum that will increase with time as your experience in the field gets stronger. Some of the potential employers include banks like HSBC and many others. Although you do not need to have, the experience to pursue this course if you have some knowledge of the finance industry it will be a plus.

Learning Outcomes

The course provides you with an in-depth knowledge of the finance sector. You will understand the basics of corporate financial management and find out what it takes to become an expert in the field. The foundation of the financial theory will become stronger. You can complete this course in one-year on-campus or via online classes. In case you are doing the course part-time, it will take 12 months to complete it. The course fees are €15,000.


  • Corporate Finance: Here you will gain the required knowledge of the corporate financial structure. You will understand how companies raise the funds and manage the risks involved in finance.

  • Corporate Reporting: In this section of the course you will get information on how to create and read the financial reports of a corporate. Also, you will gain knowledge about international norms and standard reporting methodology.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Here you will learn how contracts are made for the mergers and acquisitions. You will understand how finances are managed during these processes.

  • Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility: It is important to create a balance between corporate governance and the social responsibility the company has towards the people of the country. In this section of the course, you will get complete information about how to go with it.

  • Research Methods, Professional Development and Dissertation / Project: The last section of the course involves your inclusion in a professional project, which will give you the ground level knowledge of the field.

MSc Corporate Financial Management can help you in gaining better job perspectives and open doors for your career at an international level.

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