Introduction to a Course in Data Analytics and Finance
In today's time, everything is driven by data, right from our households to big international companies, data is necessary. With so much data present, it is important to make sense of it and for that data analysis is important. Data analysis plays an important role in planning and strategising. An MSc in Data Analytics and Finance will not only teach you to make sense of the data but also drive data in a way to help the finances of the company and increase its profitability.
  • The duration of this course is one year for full-time and two years for part-time.
  • The applications to this course commence in April every year.
  • You need a 2:2 United Kingdom honours degree or any equivalent, along with having a minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS. You will need a bachelor’s degree or work experience of at least 5 years if you don’t have a bachelor's degree.


  • The teaching is done online and students are given access to reading materials and webinars. They will be assessed on reports, dissertations, projects and presentations.
  • The mode of teaching is online.
    • Data Design;

    • Decision Making and Data Handling;

    • Interpretation and Visualisation of Data;

    • Business Modelling for Decision-making;

    • Corporate Performance Reporting;

    • Research Projects;

    • Financial Management.

  • The fees is €15,000 Euros for this course. 
  • Work experience is not necessary for applying to this course.

Reasons to Choose this Course       

In the developing world today, all forces are directed towards expanding businesses and having an upper hand over competitors. With a Masters in Data Analytics and Finance, one can utilise data efficiently to grow profits to the maximum and help the finances of the company stabilise. Studying this course increases one’s employability for they have knowledge in the domains of data analytics as well as finance, which makes a perfect combination in order to succeed in today's competitive business world

Is it Worth doing a Masters in Data Analytics and Finance in Germany?       

Germany is a nation that is welcoming towards international students, the country is rich in its culture and has a number of job opportunities available for it is home to several multinational companies and many local small scale industries too. A course in data analytics and finance is preferable to be done from Germany for excellent job opportunities, budding startups, low living costs and international student friendly environment.

Who Should Pursue this Course?            

This course helps individuals who are looking for a career in businesses, research and data analysis. It allows students to use the data available in order to create opportunities for finances to develop and grow. This also helps the individual who is interested in working for the financial sector as well.

Scope and Future of Data Analytics and Finance

There is a broad career path available for individuals after they pursue this course. This degree helps to analyse the data that expands a business financially. There is a wide scope in this career for there is data everywhere and there is a need for this data to be driven in order to help the finances of the business and also the financial sector.

Job Options

  • Financial Data Analyst;

  • Financial Officer;

  • Manager of Finances;

  • Investment Banker;

  • Financial Advisor;

  • Business Data Analyst.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn skills that will help you analyse big data and provide aid to the finances aspect of a company. It will also teach you how to analyse financial data and increase the profits of the company by deriving conclusions from the data that help your company grow.

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