Introduction to an MSc in Enterprise Architecture Management
The main objective of an MSc Enterprise Architecture Management is to enable students to align IT and organisational goals. This course helps in streamlining business processes and workflow of the company. It is best suited for students who want to climb the ladder in the field of information technology. The course includes the fundamental elements of business organisations and helps in understanding the value of information systems. A six-month industrial training that is included in the course will help you gain the hand on experience in the field.
  • The course duration is 12 months for full-time and 24 months for part-time.

  • In order to obtain admission to this course, you should hold a degree in business management. In case you do not have a degree, a minimum of five years of experience in business administration after graduation in any field can also be considered. Furthermore, if you are an international student, you need to get a score of at least 6.5 in IELTS. 

  • You can pursue this course on campus in a full-time or part-time format. You can also get admission through distance education and complete degree online.

    • Information Systems and Business Strategy Alignment;
    • Business Plan Development;
    • Architecture Design;
    • Technology and Trend Monitoring;
    • Business Change Management;
    • Data Handling and Decision Making;
    • Research Project.
  • The assessment is based on the reports, presentations, assignments, research proposal and dissertation.

  • The fees for this course is €15,000.

Reasons to Choose this Course?

This course is meant for those people who want to understand the different aspects of architecture management, architecture design, business plan development, information systems, business strategy alignment and much more.

Is it Worth doing an MSc in Enterprise Architecture Management in Germany?

Germany is one of the leading countries to get a degree in Enterprise Architecture Management. The university not only provides the best possible course material but also keeps updating it regularly to include the new theories and statistics from market research. Constant research that has been going on in this field in German universities helps them to develop a course that will benefit students in the long run. Also, it has to be noted that Germany has a very rich and business-oriented culture where you will learn not only about the European nations and their workflow but you will gain knowledge about other countries and how businesses develop their strategies there.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

This course is ideal for students who want to pursue a career in architecture management. If you are interested in the process of business development and have an eye for strategical business architecture then this course is meant for you. This degree will not only give you unadulterated access to the very basic of the business architecture but will allow you to gain knowledge about the business developments across the world.

Scope and Future of Enterprise Architecture Management

On completion of this degree, you will have a choice to choose a career in different fields such as technical architect, enterprise architect, head of the enterprise, solution architect and many others. Some of the potential employers include Coca Cola, IBM, Microsoft and many others.

MSc in Enterprise Architecture Management is one of the leading career-oriented postgraduate programmes available. The course in Germany not only provides the basic knowledge of the field but also prepares the students for the challenges they may face in international organisations.

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