What is International Corporate Finance all about?

Though finance is directly related to the market’s mood, this particular sector is always on the rise all across the globe. Different companies use finance experts in financial decisions to eliminate possibilities of backlash in the future from the market. By gaining MSc international corporate finance you will open the doors for your bright future in the finance sector. There are a lot of different portfolios to choose from such as managing cash flow and risks, raising capital from the market, assessing acquisition process, managing hedge funds and much more.

  • 12 months for regular students. 

  • You should have a bachelor’s degree in finance. For international students, fluency in the English language is a must. International students have to provide IELTS or similar certification with a minimum of 6.5 bands.

  • 15,000 Euros which can be divided into installments

Why Study this course?

If you are interested in making a career in the field of finance in large corporate, it is essential to hold masters in international corporate finance. The course uses a blend of different learning methods which include academic knowledge, field project, discussions and practical applications of different theories. The faculty for this course has years of experience in the field of finance and they make sure to give personal attention to the students and tell them what they can do at the individual level to get better in the field. Being a course open to everyone from across the globe you will learn about different cultures and business process of different countries.

Is it worth doing International Corporate Finance in Germany?

The international corporate finance degree that you will gain after completing this course is recognized all across the globe. You will have a choice to join a business in your own country, settle down in Germany or you can choose any dream country of your choice where you want to pursue your career. You will get a chance to test the theories in the real world and understand the implications of different businesses. You will learn how businesses fall and rise based on financial decisions. The different modules of the course will expand your perspective and will encourage you to gain knowledge that will be crucial in the field of your interest. Also, Germany has high standards of living and the corporate sector in Germany believe in business ethics which provide the right foundation for the students.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for those who want to make a career in the field of finance. If you have prior experience in this field, this degree will help you get to a better position in your career. The international corporate finance degree ensures a salary of $55,000 to $140,000 based on your location, company and job profile at the beginning.

What is the Scope and future of International Corporate Finance?

Degree in international corporate finance ensures jobs in companies like HSBC, JP Morgan and many others. The average salary at the initial stage can fall between $55,000 and $140,000 depending on your location and choice of company. In order to get admission in this course, you should have a prior qualification in the field of finance. You do not need prior experience to get admission in this course.

What will I learn through this course?

The key aspects that you will learn in this course include cash flow management, raising capital in the market, acquisition of companies, managing funds for companies, hedge funds, managing private funds and so on. You will master the process of managing the decision-making process of the companies. You will learn how to manage complex financial models and analyze the long term effects. You will also learn about managerial skills and understand how the businesses work at international level. All the information that you will gain corporate finance degree ensures jobs opportunities in the corporate world.

 The course includes:

Core Modules

Corporate Finance

  • Corporate Reporting

  • Research Methods, Professional Development and Dissertation/Project

  • Elective Modules (Specialisation I)

Risk Management and Banking Regulation

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Elective Modules (Specialisation II)

Business Performance Management

  • Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility.

The field of finance requires experts who can manage funds and help the corporate in making the right financial decisions. Those who gain a degree in international Corporate Finance from Germany get a chance to work with the best companies around the world.