Introduction to an MSc in Project Management
The MSc in Project Management offers wide range of techniques to manage, structure and successfully realise projects with their teams by using solution oriented ways. The skills acquired through this course can be used in research projects as well as business organisations. The industries in which students can make their careers through this course include technology, construction and business. Students will learn how to capably balance day to day operations in these fields through this course.
  • The duration of this course is 12 months for full-time and 24 months for part-time.

  • The students can enrol in April and October.

    • Bachelors or master's degree in any field of study;
    • Minimum 180 ECTS;
    • Advanced English level;
    • One year of work experience is recommended.
  • The total credits for this course are 90 ECTS. The assessment is done on the basis of theoretical knowledge, thesis and internship.

  • Various teaching methods and interactive activities are used including project simulations, business plan development and case studies for effective teaching. The programme also includes a thesis and an internship. 

    • Project Management in Practice;
    • Organisation Design;
    • Human Resource Management;
    • Master Thesis Preparation;
    • Accounting and Finance;
    • Agile Project Management;
    • Digital and Strategic Portfolio Management;
    • Digital Customer Experience;
    • Business Game;
    • Advance Finance for Project Management.
  • The fees for this course is €15,000.

Reasons to Choose this Course

Benefits of MSc in Project Management include becoming specialised experts in managing businesses. The growing industry of project management with an estimation of over 6.2 million project management jobs by the year 2020 is also a major reason for choosing this course. This degree also opens gates for you to prepare for project management professional exam. With the help of case studies and projects, this course provides a lot of experience in project management.

Is it Worth doing Project Management in Germany?

Students who want to pursue masters in project management should apply in Germany because:

  • Germany offers high-quality education for all types of national and international students through a varied range of courses;

  • A range of jobs in the ever-growing field of project management can be acquired by students here;

  • The students here are provided with case studies in various universities, which help them gain experience in project management.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

The course is for those who want to:

  • Gain professional experience in the field of project management;

  • Learn how to manage, structure and successfully realise the given projects;

  • Acquire skills which are applicable to both research projects and business organisations;

  • Acquire social skills for responsible thinking

  • Conduct these skills in business and society

Along with this course, you can obtain a project management certification. Students doing this course seek to obtain accreditation by the Project Management Institute. A number of opportunities and accreditations are provided through this certification. Some universities give degrees to students by PMI’s Global Accreditations centre while others help students in gaining PMI professional development and unit. Masters in project management jobs are widely spread in the fields of human resources, planning and strategies, risk management, budgeting and legal and ethical issues.

Scope and Future of MSc in Project Management

Project management helps students gain specialised knowledge and helps them expand their career options in the field. Project management have large impact on various models in business and can learn to find solutions for various business problems and manage complex projects.

Job Options and Average Salary

The job options for students who pursue this course is in the fields of financial accounting, human resources, planning and strategies, stakeholder management, budgeting and scheduling and communication techniques.

According to, the average salary after a masters in project management is $81,000 per year.

Potential Employers

Potential employers include hail from fields like:

  • Architecture and Engineering;

  • Construction;

  • Government Agencies;

  • Healthcare;

  • Transportation;

  • Non-profit Organisations;

  • Infrastructure Development;

  • Software Development;

  • Global Business.

Learning Outcomes

Students through this course can learn how to strengthen and manage their skills in project management. They are introduced to new techniques and ways of thinking for better management. They will also learn how to manage the complexity of any project and can find solutions for various business problems.


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