In the digital age, it is vital to be trained in project management skills for the sustainable growth of your career. They help you timely delivery of deadlines, and effective organisation of your work. If you want to study abroad and haven’t decided a major for your higher studies, a M.Sc. in project management can ace your career prospects in any field. The M.Sc. Project Management has been specially designed to provide you with the specific skill sets that you would need to plan, implement, and manage short-term and long-term projects successfully. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of project management from a practical perspective. You will learn more about complex concepts of project development, risk and opportunities management, financial planning and budgeting, and people management. With its core focus on employability, a masters in project management can ensure you develop to become a first-class project manager with sought-after abilities.

Program Details

  • The programme is designed to last for a year. It has been further divided into two semesters of ten weeks each. Each semester is allotted 60 credits which are further divided into several subjects. The second semester is also for drafting and submitting a research dissertation.

    The project management degree consists of three workshop hours every week for every 30 credit module. Two contact hours are reserved for the 15-credit modules every week. Thus, there are about five hours of workshop hours to provide group interaction opportunities and personal support to individuals who need them.

  • To gain an entry in the master’s programme, you need to fulfil the following conditions.
    • A UK Bachelor’s degree or any equivalent qualification
    • An English language level certification equivalent to IELTS level 6.5 with a score equal or more than 5.5 in each section.
    • Equivalent work experience in case of no bachelor’s degree.
    If you have a qualification that you think merits an exemption to the criteria, a non-standard application criteria is also available. Please talk to an advisor for more information.
  • The syllabus of the course is customised to equip our students with the required skills to manage large and complex projects across several industries. They develop a deep understanding of crucial concepts of project management that are necessary to grasp to gain a global perspective. The following modules form the core of the course and are mandatory to complete.

    1. Project management (30 credits)

    2. Product management (30 credits)

    3. Design thinking (30 credits)

    In addition to the compulsory modules, you can select one elective module from the options given below.

    1. Emerging technologies (30 credits)

    2. Fin-Tech (30 credits)

    3. Procurement and Supply Chain Management (30 credits)

    4. Block-Chain technology (30 credits)

    You also have to complete the ‘Research Methods and Professional Development Dissertation’ in which you have to submit a fully researched dissertation on any project management problem of your choice. It’s important to remember that your solution should be unique, practical, and evidence-based.

    Assessment: The students are tested as per different methods to examine their progress in the modules. The formative assessment includes feedback from seminars, workshops, grade sheets, tests, and practical. The summative assessment takes into account all the individual and group projects, individual and project assignments, and the dissertation.

  • The tuition fee for this course is set at € 15,000 for a year. That roughly amounts to 11, 90,715 per year. GISMA offers payment plans that are flexible and low students to spread out the cost of the programme across 3 instalments as given below.
    1. Instalment 1: € 5,000 (₹ 3,96,905)
    2. Instalment 2: € 5,000 (₹ 3,96,905)
    3. Instalment 3: € 3,000 (₹ 2,38,143)
    An additional deposit of € 2,000 (₹ 1, 58,762) is required at the beginning of the course, during the enrolment resources. Students get the flexibility to spread out the instalments as they prefer, so long they remain in line with the payment deadlines.
    You can contact a programme advisor for more details.

Who should apply for a M.Sc. in Project Management?

If you have graduated from a business, computing, engineering, or commerce degree, and want to pursue or advance a career in management, then this course is suitable for you. You can also opt for this course if you want to switch careers and pursue a managerial career.

Why should you opt for a M.Sc. in Project Management?

There are several upsides to pursuing this project management programme from GISMA.

  1. The course is based out of GISMA’s Berlin campus. Berlin is an amazing city to live and experience the European culture. Germany is one of the most student-friendly countries in Europe, known for providing high quality education. In addition, you get ample opportunities to extend your network within the campus and outside.

  2. This course is imparted in an interactive manner with a focus on real-world problems. The learning is not limited to classrooms and you get opportunities to apply your learning in the real world. The course also facilitates face-to-face learning, which is supported by a plethora of online resources including case studies, simulations and AV resources, reading materials, and online feedback and testing.

  3. The course is provided in association with the University of Law, which is the U.K.’s longest-established institution providing legal education and training. University of Law has over 100 years of experience of providing students support to build successful careers.

  4. GISMA also has a dedicated career development centre that helps the students apply for and get jobs through a multitude of services such as placements, workshops, and a vast network of alumni and employers.

  5. GISMA also has strategic partnerships with the local company associations, and employers’ organisations to organise networking events for the students at GISMA.

Scope and future of the course

Project management courses help in learning to deal with tighter deadlines, resource crunch, or unorganised workplaces. They also impart transferable skills that are useful in many positions other than managerial jobs.

On completing this course, the students will develop the necessary skills to build a successful career in almost all fields such as finance, supply chain management and logistics, healthcare, social services, transportation, civil constructions, bio-medical field, or human resources.

Students graduating this course can also pursue a career in academics by pursuing further studies such as a PhD or post-Doc.

Career prospects after pursuing Project Management

This course opens the doors to many different positions. You can pursue a career in any of the following positions after the course completion. Your seniority would however, depend on your previous work experience and qualifications.

  1. Assistant project manager

  2. Associate project manager

  3. Business project manager

  4. Contract project manager

  5. Supply chain manager

  6. Construction project manager

  7. IT project manager

  8. Product manager

  9. Project coordinator

  10. Senior project manager

  11. Software project manager

In addition to these jobs, you can also pursue a career as a project associate in any business or company. The skills developed by this course will help you complete complex tasks and meet difficult deadlines.