What is MSc Strategic IT Management all about?
The MSc Strategic IT Management in Germany is a one-year long course, which offers latest insights strategies in management. The students with this course are able to have a strategic impact on the organisation or company they work for. The students also get to learn strong critical thinking skills along with determination. Students can make their careers in prestigious organisations across the world through this course.
  • The duration of this course is one year.

    The students can enrol in September as well as January.

  • The student should have bachelors or undergraduate degree in Strategic IT management. No experience is required to get admission in this course.

    The student should have English proficiency in an equivalent level to IELTS 6.5 or more securing a minimum of 5.5 in every component.

  • Highest research and most innovative management thinking are used in various projects and case studies for a professional experience. The sharing and questioning is encouraged in classrooms with professors as well as fellow students. It also links with various local organisations for practical projects.

  • The syllabus includes:
    • Managing strategy formulation
    • Managing strategy execution
    • Corporate development: Strategies for acquisitions and alliances
    • Strategy and international business
    • Research Clinic in strategic management
    • Various other elective courses
  • The total fee for this course is 15000 Euros.

Why Study this course?

MSc Strategic IT management gives you best education of various skills and critical thinking in strategic management. With this course, students can become leaders of strategic management along with all trends and features through various projects and case studies. A combination of core foundation subjects is taught which introduces students to advance management techniques. Students can develop analytical skills, which can be used in the business world.

Is it worth doing MSc Strategic IT management in Germany?

Masters in Strategic IT management course should be done in Germany because:

  • High quality education can be acquired in Germany at various universities giving detailed study of the management techniques.

  • Projects and case studies are provided for each course through which students can get practical knowledge of how to apply strategic skills in daily life challenges of IT.

  • The universities also have a friendly atmosphere through which students get to concentrate on their studies more effectively.

Who is this course for? How is it useful to me?

The course is for those who want to:

  • Want to learn methods of innovative learning in strategic IT management.

  • Want to focus on economic business analysis.

  • Gain training for dealing future challenges in global economy.

  • Develop a critical understanding of economic and social environment in the business.

With the help of this degree, you can use your analytical skills in the real world and case studies used in Masters. With examples from real world, you can learn the challenges of IT management and how to apply innovative managerial theory in real world. With basic interest in economic reasoning, you can aim these practical skills in real life business challenges. Students with degree in management can use this degree for further rigorous approach to business management. MSc strategic management career opportunities include various options in the field of software designing as well as functional management.

What is the Scope and future of MSc Strategic IT management?

Using IT technology to enhance business, the course gives a large number of career options in various fields including Information systems manager, functional manager, service delivery manager and systems manager. You can also move into various areas such as IT consultancy, CRM or software design and testing and integration.

Job Options, Average Salary

The MSc strategic management jobs options for students who pursue this course is in the fields of system management, functional management, delivery management, IT consultancy and software design.

Potential Employers

The potential employers include:

  • Information systems manager

  • Functional manager

  • Service delivery manager

  • Systems manager

  • IT consultancy

  • CRM or software design

  • Testing and integration

Do I need work experience to pursue this course?

No experience is required to pursue this course.

What will I learn through this course?

Students through this course can learn the basic strategic management techniques and how to apply them in real work challenges in various fields. Students can make their career in both IT and software along with functional and service delivery management.