Angelika Gudkova, originally from Latvia and now residing in the UK, is studying her LLB online with The University of Law. We caught up with Angelika to ask her about her online study experience.

Hello Angelika, first of all, can you tell us why did you choose to study with The University of Law?

I read quite a bit about them online, and the general student feedback was really good. The overall satisfaction rate was 97%, so that really appealed to me. I really like the heritage of The University of Law as they date back to 1876, there is also great support from the tutors, and the employability prospects after you graduate are also very strong.

What kind of support have you received as an online student?

I’ve had quite a few check-in sessions with my personal tutor, which was really nice. She would let me know when I’m doing well and would check in on my progress. I’ve always had good responses from the module tutors, especially regarding feedback on my course submissions.

What skills from this programme will you be able to apply to your career?

There are many skills that I’ve gained so far –one in particular is how to put a good argument together. I’ve been using that at my work already, how to persuade other people, and so I’m getting good results. In terms of writing, I would say that has improved dramatically – just knowing how to structure what you need to put across so that, whoever the reader is, it’s easily understandable. I think that’s a skill that I’ll always use. Studying a degree online is definitely intense if you are also working full-time job, but it’s also really rewarding when you get good feedback from your tutors. It pushes you to keep going. For anyone who is considering the online study options, I would definitely recommend it.

This is first time I started my studies as an online student, and we get all kinds of help from our teachers, and sometimes also from our fellow students.
Angelika Gudkova