What is a Bachelor of Arts (BA) course?
A Bachelor of Arts (BA) course is an undergraduate degree with the option of choosing liberal arts, sciences or both as a major. The degree can take about three to four years to complete the course, depending on the university and country you pursue it in.

Study Bachelor of Arts (BA) course Abroad

  • If you plan to study Bachelor of Arts abroad, you will have the opportunity to pursue the course in a global and culturally-diverse environment.

  • Pursuing one of the BA courses abroad from a reputed university offers you the opportunity to avail high-quality education. One of the major factors contributing to students’ choice of studying abroad is the excellent team of faculty that universities abroad offer.

  • Studying abroad provides you with the opportunity to interact with like-minded, multicultural people. This plays a crucial role in helping you form a strong professional network, which can further help in professional growth.

  • If you study business management abroad, the chances of you getting a job in an internationally-recognised organisation is high. Studying abroad helps you to apply your theoretical and practical knowledge to business situations in a global sphere.

Degree in BA vs. Degree in BSc

  • Course Focus: A Bachelor of Arts degree is focused on theoretical knowledge, wherein students learn about arts and music, communication and other humanities subject. The course structure of a Bachelor of Science degree is dedicated to subjects like computer science, healthcare, engineering, etc.

  • Skill Development: A BA course is helps students acquire written and verbal communication skills, whereas as a degree in BSc helps in developing analytical and practical skills.

Recommended Bachelor of Arts programmes

  • BA (English): A course in BA (English) is typically of three years allowing students to pursue a career in law, communications, advertising, teaching or law. The course structure includes subjects like communicative English, professional communication, cultural education, English prose and poetry, etc.

  • BA (Mass Communication): An undergraduate course, BA (Journalism) encompasses the study of components of mass media such as print media, radio, television, etc. Some of the subjects included in this course are – advertising, communication theory, news editing and reporting, political science, news writing, feature writing, economics, corporate communication and computer skills.

  • BA (Culinary Arts): This is an introductory course for students who want to pursue a career in culinary arts. Students are made familiar with types of cooking methods and food preparation techniques. A degree in BA (Culinary Arts) covers subjects like menu planning, food production, customer service, food safety management, hospitality, marketing, creative patisserie, etc.

Pre-requisites for studying Bachelor of Arts (BA) abroad

The entry requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree may vary depending on the university and country you are pursuing it in. However, the basic criteria for pursuing a BA course are as follows:

  • Higher secondary school certificate;

  • Entrance test scores;

  • Language-proficiency test score.

Scholarship/funding opportunities

  • University scholarships: More and more universities today are offering scholarships to students. Ranging from student-specific scholarships to merit-based scholarships, the decision of awarding these scholarships lies with the university, who carefully screen the applications before making the call.

  • Bank-approved education loans: Many private and government-owned banks offer education loans to students who want to study abroad on the basis of their academic merit and current financial status. The only downside of opting for funding from banks is the high interest rates.

  • Non-banking Financial Corporations (NBFCs): There are NBFCs in India that offer education loans to students who want to study abroad at affordable interest rates. Some of the NBFCs are Credila, Avanse, Auxilo, Incred, etc.