Getting your master’s degree in fashion management can put you on a path towards a high-flying career in one of the business world’s most exciting and dynamic sectors.

With the right amount of experience, you might be surprised at just how many different career options are open to you. Take a look at some of the roles that you could step into after graduation!

Vendor Analyst

Fashion retailers can only sustain their competitive advantage when they are able to extract the highest quality materials at the lowest possible costs. Vendor analysts for high fashion brands use their analysis skills and business expertise to choose the best suppliers for their products.

E-commerce Entrepreneur

With the right wealth of experience and know-how, you can launch your own fashion business online. Self-made entrepreneurs are dominating the fashion industry, and it seems that with the success of online start-ups like Rent the Runway, e-tailing is here to stay.

Merchant Acquisition Manager

With a focus on production and sourcing of quality sellers, this career is perfect for those who are skilled at building strong relationships. This role requires in-depth industry knowledge, strong analytical skills and the ability to identify upcoming fashion trends.

Creative Consultant

Creative consultants provide essential expertise in the area that intersects fashion and business. They are not designers; rather, they provide a creative direction for fashion industry professionals that attract and grow their target audience.

Commercial Director

Focusing on product placement, merchandising, and sales revenue, commercial directors of high fashion brands are in charge of overseeing budgeting, operative, and supply chain activity, while carrying out the company’s development growth model to fruition.

International Programme Manager

As an international program manager, you will be responsible for executing the successful expansion of a global luxury brand or company. Using your business development expertise, you will work with marketing and operations professionals to achieve corporate objectives.

Stylist Operations Manager

Stylist operations managers use their luxury branding expertise to liaise over daily activities, with the goal of optimising business practice, conducting regular audits, increasing output while minimising input, and ensuring legal and corporate compliance.

Fashion Business Advisor

As a fashion business advisor, you will be providing companies with the toolkit to build and sustain a successful luxury branding enterprise, advising on everything from business strategy and fashion marketing techniques to building brand awareness and optimising product distribution.

Chief Merchandising Officer

Effective fashion brand management relies on the strong direction of a chief merchandising officer to meet customer demand and employ corrective measures when needed. You will be responsible for allocating merchandise, creating product assortment plans, and using business analytics to