Introduction to a Course in Accounting and Finance
This accounting and finance course will enable students to develop advanced skills that help them to solve problems in the finance sector. The course structure makes students learn about fundamental theoretical and practical concepts of this important area of business. It will impart the requisite knowledge about quantitative methods and their application within financial markets. It covers all the vital aspects that will provide the students with a strong and broad knowledge of the world of finance. The course will equip students with the essential financial skills by teaching about the interrelated disciplines.

Reasons to Choose this Course

This course will help students to develop professional-level skills and acquire an understanding across a range of key areas of finance and accounting. This research-driven programme equips students with practical tools that can be applied in the field of accountancy. The learners will get a chance to get in touch with financial operations and strategies as well get an insight into how financial models work across different business sectors. It will also give a comprehensive view of financing methods and techniques along with broadening the horizons of students.

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