What is BA (Hons) Business Marketing in Germany?
It’s a no man’s guess that the future of businesses relies on marketing. It is the hustlers in Business Marketing department that run the company. Any business will crumple like a house of cards if the Marketing team is not strong and dynamic. This programme of BA (Hons) in Business Marketing focuses on marketing, branding, consumer behavior, consumer psychology and aimed at dynamic individuals willing to develop skills in the areas of leadership, communication, planning and analysis at managerial levels.
  • This course is for a duration of 3 years, with the last semester focused on a dissertation. The student body will consist of a cohort of diversified individuals coming together from different walks of life. Classes taught are a mix of online and on campus classes, with carefully crafted pedagogical techniques helping students get the best out of this course. Assessments will happen through a mix of written exams and other modules such as presentations, viva, papers, debates and other such mediums.

  • September Intake

    • GCSE A level or equivalent. Students should have a high school diploma / degree from a recognized board.
    • Cover Letter mentioning interest and intent for pursuing BA (Hons) in Business Marketing.
    • IELTS 6.0 with a minimum score of 5.5 in each band.
    • If the student fails to fall under the education requirements, he/she can submit a proof of relevant work experience in related filed or similar. University may ask to produce a proof of work experience through references if needed.
  • Modules in each year are carefully designed for a full-fledged experience in this course.
    Year 1: Developing Personal and Management Skills, Understanding the Business Environment, Principles of Marketing, Introduction to Finance, People in Organizations, Marketing communications
    Year 2: Managing Across Cultures, Business Processes, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Business Analysis, Market Intelligence, Marketing Planning
    Year 3: Contemporary Management Issues, Strategic Management, Managing self and Others, International Marketing

  • Annual fees are calculated at 8000 Euros per year. Additional costs such as misc. administrative expenses, living costs, housing is to be taken care by the students and the means of supporting these must be figured out before hand itself. Financial aid is available, the details of which can be discussed with the programme advisor. Although the course is taught in English, students are mandated to learn German language for better understanding of culture and adaptability, expenses for which must be additionally be borne by the student.

Why study this course?

Marketing Graduates are in high demand across domestic and global economies. Bachelor’s (Hons) in Business Marketing at GISMA is teaching candidates pioneered approaches in strategic planning, marketing analysis, advanced problem-solving techniques, and philosophies of conflict solving in managerial positions. These can be applied any environment, be it a startup or a large-scale multinational. Bachelor of Art (Hons) is business marketing is thus enabling students to thrive and succeed in any fast-paced environment and hence a most preferred bachelor’s program with a very premium discipline.

Is it worth doing Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Marketing in Germany?

In association with degree awarded from Arden University, GISMA is the centre of learning, this allows students a scope of learning from some of the most experienced academicians, practitioners and industry experts. The best of educational practices of Germany and UK are imparted to the students. Berlin is smack in heart of trade Centre. As a bustling capital of one of the most technologically and industrially advanced nations of Europe, Berlin is close to some of the biggest German company headquarters. This gives students an edge over opportunities for internships and career options and field visits.

Who is this course for?

This course is for individuals who have a flair for marketing, endorsing, advertising and product delivery. People who want to pave ways into the business of Marketing in any organization. This course acquaints students with text book based, practical and global case studies of marketing theories and prepares them for industry. Any student who has a knack teamwork, interpersonal communication, ability to solve complex problems will cope well with this degree in Business Marketing.

What is the scope and future of BA (hons) in Business Marketing?

As long as businesses are alive and functioning, Marketing department will exist. There is no dearth of jobs for graduates of Ba (Hons) in Business Marketing. Students have the choice to work in various sectors such as FMCG, E-commerce, Media, Education, Retail, Consulting Firms, Textiles, Pharma, Showbusiness etc. to name a few. The skill set honed by graduates of bachelor’s in Business Marketing help them become future leaders and industry experts. Alternately students can choose to pursue MBA or attain post graduate for research purpose.

What will I learn through this course?

  • Understanding of critical marketing concepts and philosophies. Identifying and implementation of marketing strategies to the realities of businesses. Having a thorough information on product deliver cycle right from ideation not execution. 
  • Insights into consumer behaviorism. Understanding the relationship between marketing and societies at large. Inputs on consumer psychology, insights and tips on brand management. Handling of key brand portfolios.
  • Equips students with an understanding of marketing’s role in emerging technology and modern businesses. Understanding of contemporary markets for better building of brand. Effective decision making, and implementation of marketing strategies with ethical practices.
  • A framework on analytical approaches and logical thinking. Nuances of digital markets uprising. Keeping up to date with emerging trends in digital technology, understanding entrepreneurial ecosystem and
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