Introduction to a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Sociology
Sociology is a study of the development of human relationships and institutions. Criminology pertains to understanding the concepts of crime and deviance in a human context and the cycles through which justice systems function in context to these phenomena. The study of sociology and criminology accents the understanding of practical issues combining society, crime and justice.
  • The duration of this programme is three years, which is divided into six semesters.

  • The intake for this programme takes place in September.

    • Students must have cleared GCSE A level or its equivalent with a minimum passing grade of C in at least 3 subjects;
    • Statement of Purpose addressed to the department expressing interest of the student to pursue BA (Hons) in Criminology and Sociology;
    • Students whose native language is not English have to score a minimum of 6.0 in IELTS with at least 5.5 in each band.
  • Course work will be assessed in the form of essays, reports, presentations, reviews, individual projects and an array of other tools. At the end of the third-year students are supposed to submit a final project as part of the graduation requirements. This master thesis is an opportunity for individuals to apply, ideate and develop their understanding of knowledge independently.

  • Modules are delivered by a blend of on-campus and online classes. Additionally, students have access to all the course material, presentations, reading, references and weblinks.

    • Year 1: Skills for Interdisciplinary Study, Crime and Society, Criminal Justice system, Introduction to Sociology, Medicalisation of the Self, Inequalities in the Modern World;
    • Year 2: Research and Ethics in Action, Contemporary Debates in Criminology, Environment Criminology,  Policing and Police Powers, Protests, Mass Movements and Rebellions;
    • Year 3: Cybercrime, Youth Justice, Consumer Society and Commodification of Being, Insecurity and Precariousness in the Globalised World.
  • The fees for this programme is €8,000.

Reasons to Choose this Course

Criminology and sociology are rapidly gaining traction as areas of study. Through the availability of large modules of sociology, students will be able to learn about the nature of crime in modern society. 

Is it Worth doing a BA (Hons) in Criminology and Sociology in Germany

Germany is known for its universities, which are focused on developing and delivering high-quality programmes. The radical modernisation and historical influences in the country provide students with an experience of best of both worlds. Vibrant lifestyle, blend of world cultures, a diverse student body and excellent job opportunities make Germany a favourable place to pursue bachelors in criminology and sociology.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

This programme is meant for students who are interested in gaining in-depth knowledge about sociology and criminology. This interdisciplinary course is programmed for people who have a critical mindset, fascinated by crime and myriad individuals willing to make a difference in society.

Scope and Future of BA (Hons) in Criminology and Sociology

This programme is part of a niche discipline that requires graduates to have sharp critical and analytical thinking along with a penchant for making reasoned arguments and ethical judgments. As a graduate of a bachelor's degree in criminology and sociology, students can take up jobs of a Community Development Worker, Detective, Police Officer, Prisoner, Youth Worker, Social Researcher etc. Instead of working some students prefer enhancing their subject knowledge by applying for a postgraduate course in criminology and sociology.

Learning Outcomes

  • Researching and comprehending complex information;

  • Critically analysing and evaluating evidence and arguments;

  • Learning about social differences, insights into social and legal perceptions of and responses to crime and criminality;

  • Understanding of general theories, in-practice methods and key studies of criminology and sociology in modern and contemporary practices.

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