Introduction to a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science
Social Science is a diversified field of study generally pertaining to understanding the intricacies of human behaviour. This course enables individuals to find pragmatic solutions to social issues at local and international levels through ideation, debates and strategic approaches.
  • The duration of this programme is three years, which is divided into six semesters.

  • The intake for this programme takes place in September.

    • Students must have cleared GCSE A level or its equivalent with a minimum passing grade of C in at least 3 subjects;
    • Statement of Purpose addressed to the department expressing interest of the student to pursue BA Hons in Social Science;
    • Students whose native language is not English have to score a minimum of 6.0 in IELTS with at least 5.5 in each band.
  • Students are evaluated on the basis of their entire coursework channelled through submissions, assignments, projects, examinations, presentation and other tools as devised by the faculty. Throughout the programme, students will be taught several disciplines and interdisciplinary topics that will help them to understand the foundations of social science and social world. At the end of the course, students must examine a sociological topic of their choice as a standalone topic of the dissertation, exploring an area of personal, academic and professional interest.

  • This bachelor’s degree is an amalgamation of virtual and real-time classes taught by experienced faculty members.

    • Year 1: Skills for Interdisciplinary Studies, Laws and Ethics, Introduction to Social and Developmental Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Medicalisation of the Self, Crime and Society;

    • Year 2: Research and Ethics in Action, Civil Liberties and Human Rights, Social Psychology, Contemporary Debates in Criminology, Cyber Communities and Social Networks;

    • Year 3: Cybercrime, Crime Prevention, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Consumer Society and the Commodification of Being.

  • The fees for this programme is €8,000 annually. Students are eligible for scholarships; the details of which are provided by the programme advisor.

Reasons to Choose this Course

Social science revolves around the dynamics of understanding of how societies work laterally, what triggers the social dilemmas and the how the governments, policy makers, consultants and non-governmental organisations are primarily working towards making of utopian surroundings. This course offers students opportunities to come together and ideate on real-world problems and be at the forefront of development and problem-solving. 

Is it Worth doing a BA (Hons) in Social Science in Germany?

Germany is known for its universities, which are focused on developing and delivering high-quality programmes. The radical modernisation and historical influences in the country provide students with an experience of best of both worlds. Vibrant lifestyle, blend of world cultures, a diverse student body and excellent job opportunities make Germany a favourable place to pursue bachelors in social science.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

This course is aimed at individuals who are interested in building the skill set and knowledge in the range of social science disciplines and explore career opportunities within politics, public relations, social work and teaching. 

Scope and Future of BA (Hons) in Social Science

This programme helps students to develop research, communication and leadership skills. Students often find themselves seeking roles in politics, journalism, teaching, social work, government planning, public relations, advertising and marketing to name a few. Graduates often get on the journey of further research by taking up masters in a related discipline. With the spectrum of topics covered by graduates, graduates of this course successfully apply for entry-level positions in private and public sectors.

Learning Outcomes

  • This programme enables students to have grounded fundamental understanding of social and developmental psychology;

  • This course provides students with strong writing, critical thinking and analytical skills for career advancement;

  • Explore the facets of criminal behaviour and get equipped with new age crimes such as terrorism, cybercrime and more.

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