Business is a vast subject and it requires specialization. This is because the field is ever changing and evolving. The institutions, which offer courses in Business Administration, have come to the fore with diversity in courses. The aspirants can get admission in such institutions and such centres are spread across the globe. Students aspiring to pursue BA International Business and Management Studies (Dual Degree) in Netherlands can readily consider Webster University in Leiden.

What is this BA in International Business and Management Studies (Dual degree) all about?

The program is meant to prepare the aspirants to face the business world in the global market. They are made to undergo intensive learning capsules where they understand the basics of International relations and work upon it through the business deals. The aspirants are exposed to the varied ways of conducting business. They can prepare them to develop a career, which will help them to face the executives from across the world. There are several B-schools that work in conjunction with foreign institutions and have exchange programs where in the executives travel to other countries to interact with the locals and get a better understanding of international business. This is the essence of BA International Business and Management Studies. 

Why Study this course / Why choose this course?

This BA Dual Degree will allow the aspirant to pursue two degree programs from the institution at the same time. The student who is enrolled for the Business Administration and the Management Studies get the opportunity to avail the benefits of dual degree. The aspirants can get prepared to face the competition with a confident mind. The course aims to provide both educational and practical exposure to the aspirants and construct a positive attitude in their behaviour, which will reflect in their business methods too.

Is it worth doing BA International Business and Management Studies (Dual degree)?

The options to study business have diversified. Dual degree means the aspirant is awarded with two degrees instead of one and the time consumed to study the dual degree course remains unchanged. This means that in the time for one degree, the aspirant can pursue dual degrees. When the aspirants travel out of their country to pursue the course the horizon of the individual broadens. As they collaborate with the people of other countries, their skills also improve. They can specialise and even earn internship programs, which can be adept in giving them heightened exposure in the field of international business and management. The International Business and Management salary is a hefty package, which the individual takes home every month.

Following is a list of the salaries of professionals in the field of Business Administration:

  • Marketing $131.180

  • Human resource $106,910

  • Food industry $50,820

  • Financial management $121,750

  • Health care industry $83,810

  • Sales management $117,960.

What is the Scope and future of BA/ Bachelors International Business and Management Studies (Dual degree)?

When aspirants pursue a course like BA International Business and Management Studies, they have immense expectations. On the other hand, if one more degree course is attached to it, then the results are even better. The aspirants are able to yield bright results in their professional careers. They are able to emerge as leaders who can take the respective company forward in the international platform. The leaders become global leaders. It is a well-known fact that individuals who emerge as very successful leaders centrally manage big companies with branches across the world.

The best part is that Webster University in Leiden, Netherlands offers this program for the working professionals also. Thus, people who experience stagnancy in the mid-career can also avail the benefits of pursing such courses, which can again kick-start their careers. The institutions also offer courses, which are meant for people with work experience. These are short-term or weekend courses with long-term results. The future of the employees in the organisation also becomes bright when they think of opting for such courses.

What will I learn through this course? (Learning Outcomes)

To get information pertaining to International Business and Management Dual Degree details, the aspirants can reach out to this university and think of pursuing this program from this university. One will get exposed to workshops under management gurus and CEOs of the companies. This is an exceptional learning experience for them as it gives them the confidence to step in the professional world with expectations. The internship assistance is also provided to the aspirants from the campus, which is a learning experience for them.

The outcomes are impressive. They get absorbed by companies, which come visiting the campus in the lookout for talent. The aspirants realise their talents and brush their skills under the guidance of excellent faculty. They get good openings in the professional world and can take home a good package as initial earnings too.