What is this BA Psychology all about?
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology will enable you to learn the scientific method for studying human behaviour. It will enable you to study the human thought process and the manner of thinking and acting. You will learn about what are the things, which make a person lead a happy and holistic life. You will also learn the techniques and therapies to resolve psychological problems.

Program Details

  • The course duration for pursuing BA Psychology from Webster University in Leiden is 128 US credit hours. Students usually need four years time to pursue and complete this program.
  • The following are the intake details for pursuing BA Psychology at Webster University Leiden:
    • Summer, 2019: May 20 to June 28
    • Fall 1, 2019: August 26 to October 18
    • Fall 2, 2019: October 28 to December 20
  • International students applying at Webster University Leiden must meet the following entry requirements:  
    • Online application form along-with $35 application fee
    • Official transcripts of secondary and post-secondary education for a period of last three years
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 or more
    • An essay on a management topic of 400-500 words
    • Two letters of recommendation from an employer, counselor or teacher
    • Passport copy, current residence permit or visa for Netherlands
    • TOEFL score of 550 /80 or IELTS 6.0, whichever is relevant.
  • International students planning to pursue this program must complete minimum 128 credit hours.
    This includes 49 credit hours in Psychology major, 3 international language requirement credit hours, PSYC electives and global citizenship program hours.
  • The university imparts both full time and part time study for pursuing BA in Psychology. International students can apply for only full time program, while EU students can opt for part time and full time both.
  • Students can apply for scholarships for pursuing their BS in Psychology from Webster University Leiden campus.
    • Webster Leiden Campus Scholarship
    • Webster Leiden Legacy Tuition Grant
    • Sverdrup International Study Abroad Scholarship
    Apart from scholarships, students can also avail early consideration discounts and referral discounts.
  • The tuition fees differ according to full time or part time program.
    Students pursuing full time program needs to pay €8100 flat fee per semester.
    Students pursuing part-time program needs to pay €500 per credit hour, Full programme fee €64,400.
    * We also offer scholarships *
  • Webster University Leiden believes in providing financial funding to its students in order to relieve their financial burden. Also, by doing so, the university enables the students to focus on their academics rather than getting stressed due to financial pressures. The university provides financial funding in the form of grants, scholarships, long-term loans, etc.

Why Study BA psychology?

BA Psychology will enable you to understand human behaviour and the reasons for which people behave differently. You will be applying scientific methods to get insight into human behaviour. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology jobs can be of psychologist or counsellor. In case you are impressed by human behavior and want to know why people act differently, BA Psychology is an ideal choice for you. 

Is it worth doing BA Psychology?

Pursuing BA Psychology from Webster University Leiden will enable you to learn practical aspects along with theoretical knowledge. The renowned scholars of the field teach the programme. The labs are well equipped to support research facilities. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology salary can enable you to earn handsome amount within a short span. In case you are ready to accept the challenges of studying human behaviour and awareness, BA Psychology is the right choice for you. The programme is designed to ensure your active participation. You will be working in a group for exploring different avenues of knowledge. Learning is fostered through group interactions, lectures, projects and presentations.

How is Bachelor of Arts in Psychology useful to me?

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is useful to you in the following ways:

  • You will be working as an intervention engineer by learning to work outside in.
  • You will learn the art of dealing with opportunities and risks of modern life.
  • You will acquire intercultural and multidisciplinary outlook for working an in a global scenario.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology careers opportunities are numerous in different sectors namely, education, healthcare centres, hospitals, NGO and so on.

What is the Scope of BA Psychology?

BA Psychology details include hands-on experience in the field of Psychology. After doing a BA Psychology, you can take up the following jobs:

•    Editor

•    Social Psychologist

•    Counsellor

•    Proofreader

•    Social Worker

•    Welfare Worker

•    Writer

•    Researcher

•    Screen Writer

•    Illustrator

•    Educational and Career Counselor

•    Community Worker

•    Photojournalist

You can get a job in the following places:

•    NGOs

•    Mental Healthcare Centers

•    Rehabilitation Centers

•    Counselling Centers

•    Educational Institutes

•    Survey Agencies

•    Educational Consultancies

The salary after BA psychology depends upon several factors such as the location of the company/institution, profile of the employer and the institution from where you have done BA Psychology. At the starting level, the salary offered to BA Psychology graduates is 30,000-40,000 INR per month in terms of Indian currency in India.

What will I learn through this course?

Candidates aiming to pursue BA Psychology from Webster University Leiden will be trained in following areas.

•    Social Psychology

•    Consumer Behaviour

•    Developmental Psychology

•    Industrial Psychology

•    Sports Psychology

•    Health Psychology

•    Motivation and Emotion

•    Counselling Psychology

•    Statistics in Psychology

•    Theories of Psychology

•    Project Work

•    Field Work

•    School Psychology

•    Environmental Psychology

•    Forensic Psychology.