Introduction to Certificate in Customer Service Excellence Co-op
Customer service operations are at the heart of every successful business. Customer service professionals are not only responsible for creating brand awareness and attracting customers, but also for establishing a reliable image for the brand. With more businesses realising the importance of effective customer service, the job sphere in this field has experienced a widespread expansion. Training, workshops and professional courses have been put into place to educate professionals about the significance and nuances of customer service operations. The professional course of Certificate in Customer Service Excellence Co-op offered by Toronto School of Management (TSOM) is focused on helping students acquire expertise in customer service pertaining to the hospitality industry. This study abroad course can carve the path for you to enter the hospitality and tourism industry with in-depth knowledge about its operations and functioning.
  • This course spans over a period of 31 weeks, including scheduled breaks. Students will have to take up 12 weeks of in-class training and 12 weeks of co-op placement training in hotels, restaurants or other tourism and hospitality-related establishments. This certification programme is full-time and is delivered on-campus.

  • Students have to fulfil specific requirements to gain admission into this course, which are:

    • The applicants should have acquired an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent or must have passed the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam;

    • The applicants’ age should be 18 years or above;

    • The applicants who do not belong to an English-speaking country have to submit proof of English proficiency through test scores of IELTS with a score of 5.0 or any other English proficiency test.

  • The certification course in customer service excellence co-op comprises five core modules, which are:

    • Fundamentals of Business Communications: This module focuses on equipping students with communication skills that are relevant to the business environment of today. This includes written and verbal communication skills as well as presentation techniques. Through this module, students will also develop important interpersonal skills and gain knowledge about workplace communication skills. Developing these skills can ensure that students are efficient and productive in a work setting.

    • Customer Service: In this module, students will gain in-depth knowledge about key concepts of customer service, its significance in a business environment, how it can be used to satisfy the needs of existing customers and attract potential customers. Students will also learn how effective communication techniques can contribute to building strong relationships with customers and aid in solving various customer-related issues.

    • Front Office Operations: Through this module, students will become familiar with systems and procedures pertaining to front office/desk operations. The emphasis of the module is to help students understand the significance of high customer service standards. Students will acquire skills that will help them understand how they can help customers during the registration process and gain a broad understanding of the key legislation that rules the hospitality and tourism industry.

    • Food and Beverage Operations: Food and beverage is an important function within the hospitality and tourism industry. Students, in this module, will become acquainted with the operational and supervisory functions relevant to food and beverage operations within an establishment. Furthermore, students will gain knowledge about how to deal with international as well as local clientele. They will also receive special training and knowledge about wines and spirits and how to pair them with food.

    • Work Placement: After students have completed all the modules mentioned above, they will have to complete 240 hours of on-the-job training in a hospitality-related establishment. These establishments could include resorts, restaurants and hotels. The work placement module allows students to acquire relevant skills and become job-ready for the global business setting.

  • The tuition fee for the certification course in customer service excellence co-op is $10,000 CAD with classes starting at various points throughout the year – January, March, May, July, September and November. TSOM is offering a special promotional price of $4,995 CAD for international students, valid only before November 2020. For domestic students, the special promotional fee is $2,500 CAD.

Why opt for a Certificate in Customer Service Excellence Co-op?

This short course allows students to develop crucial industry-related skills within a short period of time. Furthermore, the programme provides students with the opportunity of hands-on experience at sector-related establishments. Students can take up this certification programme to acquire the necessary knowledge and skillsets required to become an established part and kick-start their career in the hospitality industry.

Who should apply for a Certificate in Customer Service Excellence Co-op?

Students who want to enter or are a part of any hospitality-related sector can take up this certificate programme. A pre-requisite for entering the customer service sphere of the hospitality industry is that students should have exceptional people skills and an affinity for working with people. In addition, students should inculcate a problem-solving approach in their academic and work-life to get the best out of the programme.

Scope and future of Certificate in Customer Service Excellence Co-op

The hospitality industry has experienced rapid growth in the past few years and has been the frontrunner in job generation. Add to that, the integration of customer service as a core part of the industry. This has led to more students inclining towards acquiring professional qualification pertaining to customer service excellence and better career avenues within the industry. The continued development of the hospitality and tourism industry has assured job security and excellence across a range of establishments.

Career prospects after a Certificate in Customer Service Excellence Co-op

  • Front Desk Agent: Front desk agents act as the point of contact for the guests and manage various operational aspects of an establishment (like hotels, restaurants, etc.). Their job responsibilities include guest registration, reservations management and providing adequate information concerning rooms, prices and facilities to guests. To excel as a front desk agent, you must have certain important skills such as effective communication, strong interpersonal skills, organisational skills, ability to handle customer issues and computer literacy.

  • Travel Agent: A travel agent serves as a one-stop-solution provider for clients who want to get their travel plans organised. They are responsible for helping clients choose the appropriate destination for their travel, cater to their needs pertaining to the mode of transport, travel dates, accommodation and prices. Furthermore, they also help clients with travel insurance and other facilities. Travel agents must have excellent communication skills, strong customer service skills, sales skills and organisational skills.

  • Hotel Sales Representative: As a hotel sales representative, your job responsibilities would include interacting with government officials, associations, businesses and social groups to garner business for the establishment. In addition, they are required to make a successful pitch to the customers by mentioning the range of facilities the hotel has to offer to make their stay comfortable. Some of the important skills that a hotel sales representative should possess are expert product knowledge, active listening, good communication skills, efficient time management skills and strategic prospecting skills.

  • Servers: The job role of a server requires them to take orders from customers, answer queries related to the menu and food, take payment for the food served, communicate placed orders to the kitchen staff and help customers with seats. Servers should have impeccable communication skills, a good memory, excellent customer service skills and team working abilities.

If you are looking forward to a career in the customer service sector of the hospitality industry, you can choose to opt for the certificate programme in customer service excellence co-op. Study abroad in Canada and make the most out of the programme.