Introduction to a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design
The field of communication design is all about combining communication with visual and graphic design. Students can attain both bachelors and master’s degree in this field. Bachelors in Communication Design provides instructions in the fundamentals of visual communication. The focus of this discipline is on print and graphic design, mass communication, media arts, web design or advertising.
  • The duration of this programme is 7 semesters.

  • The intake for this programme takes place in March for the spring semester and in September for the winter semester.

  • Students are required to have a high school diploma to gain admission into this course.
  • The teaching mode is on campus where students learn both theory-based information and practical knowledge in small groups. The campus is centrally located and equipped with the latest technology.
    • Principles of Visual Communication;
    • Communication Design;
    • Technical Writing and Digital Imaging;
    • Electronic Media and Typography;
    • Graphic Visualisation and Principles of Advertising;
    • Publication Layout and Design.
  • It is €665 on a monthly basis for EU applicants and €865 for non-EU applicants.

Reasons to Choose this Course

A communication design degree prepares students with the knowledge of working in communications, print production and advertising. This course is best suited for students who want to learn the art of communication through the mediums of text or graphic. Take a look at some of the reasons to choose this course:

  • It is helpful in guiding students about how to reach out to audiences through copywriting, technical writing, advertising and graphic visualisation;
  • Students who pursue this course are able to give a visual form to various messages;
  • Students can obtain valuable information in both technical and creative terms;
  • Employers generally look for employees who can think conceptually and have creative problem-solving abilities, and this course will provide you with the same.

Is it Worth Doing Bachelors in Communication Design in Germany?

Germany is a great place to pursue higher education because of the following reasons:
  • German universities offer top quality teaching and faculty and are also among the best universities in terms of ranking;
  • The studies here are practice-oriented;
  • The communication design course in Germany develops your intellectual abilities and prepares you for solving problems on a creative level.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

Students who want to become communication designers and pursue their careers in the field of technical writing, print production, graphic arts, web designing, mass communication or advertising should apply for this course. The balance of practical and theory in this course makes students ready for their professional life across various industries. With this course, students are able to design their own covers, posters, logos or apps.

Scope and Future of Bachelors in Communication Design

On completion of this degree, students can take up job roles like:

  • Magazine Editor;
  • Graphic Designer;
  • Electronic Media Producer;
  • News Producer;
  • Marketing Communication Specialists;
  • Advertising Manager;
  • Graphic Artist;
  • Art Director;
  • Package Designer;

Average Salary

Take a look at some of the median salaries as reported by are:

  • Creative Directors: €66,200;

  • Product Advertising Designers: €35,700;

  • Graphic Artist: €33,800;

  • Web Designers And Developers: €39,000;

  • Art Directors: €41,800.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn various topics including principles of visual communication, communication design, technical writing and graphics visualisation, apart from learning how to create graphics and advertisements.