Introduction to a Master's Degree in Corporate Management
MSc in Corporate Management is a two-year or a one-year compact postgraduate programme that imparts management skills to students allowing them to apply for jobs. The MSc in Corporate Management includes the study of leading, administering and directing a company. The course includes a detailed explanation of tasks performed in any organisation namely, strategic planning, management of company resources and attaining company objectives. Corporate management consists of all the managerial and executive levels in a business that has been incorporated.
  • The duration of the regular programme is 2 years, i.e. 4 semesters; and the duration of the compact programme is 1 year, i.e. 2 semesters.
  • The students can take admission in the months of September and January.

  • Students are required to have a bachelor's degree to gain admission to this programme.
  • The 4-semester model consists of 120 ECTS while the 2-semester model includes 60 ECTS.
  • The various modes and modules used for teaching include workshops, group project work, scientific working methods, programme modules, research projects and methods, bachelor thesis and two internships — one domestic and one foreign.
  • The syllabus includes three specialisation areas out of which the students have to choose two. These specialisation areas are Business Administration, Marketing & Sales and Personnel Management & Company Development.

  • The monthly programme fee for EU applicants is €999, while for non-EU applicants it is €1,099 monthly. 

Reasons to Choose this Course

This course lets students improve their management skills and helps them understand large business systems. The programme also includes internship experiences, which lets students learn management in a professional setting. This course also helps students in developing their oral and written communication skills with regards to business and technology.

Is it Worth doing Bachelors in Corporate Management in Germany?

Germany is a great place to study corporate management because of the following reasons:

  • Universities in Germany are known for their infrastructure and methods of teaching and these universities incorporate the latest technology and methods of assessment, thus making Germany the best place to gain corporate management degree.

  • Universities in Germany also have agreements with various companies where students can apply for internships and gain practical knowledge.

  • In addition, students can get information about various fields in a friendly atmosphere.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

Students who want to learn management skills and study its various aspects including business strategy, marketing management, information system management, business ethics, policy formation, management of resources etc.

With this course, students can learn the art of describing characteristics of large-scale organisations. They will also be able to discuss the role of management in an organisation and identify the main skills for effective management.

Scope and Future of Bachelors in Corporate Management

Careers in this field depend upon the specialisation chosen by students. Some of the specialisations include human resource management, marketing management, information system management, sales management, administrative service management and financial management.

Job Options and Average Salary

The various job options include:

  • Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Management;

  • Human Resource Management;

  • Finance Management;

  • Sales Management.

BLS reported a median wage of $86,110 for administrative service managers. The average corporate manager degree salary according to PayScale is $61,125.

Potential Employers

The potential employers belong to departments like:

  • Corporate Resource Management;
  • Dictating and Formulating Policies;
  • Financial Management;
  • Coordination;
  • Control within a Business.

Do I need Work Experience to Pursue this Course?

No experience is required to pursue this course. With a three-year bachelor's degree, you can easily enrol into this course.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn about the different types of organisations and the environment in which they operate. Various management styles and their differences are also taught in this course. As a result of new business challenges cropping up, the course also teaches students about communication, organisational theory, political science and German entrepreneurial education. The combination and use of cultural communication with business and economics are also included.