Introduction to Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op
The expanse of implementation of digital techniques can be seen in the way e-commerce platforms have taken precedence over brick and mortar shops. Today, online marketing has become an ace of the spade for organisations that want to reach a larger audience across the globe. Many marketing programmes also focus on equipping students with skills that are relevant to this marketing technique. A Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op aims at helping students develop skills relevant to digital marketing. This diploma programme is carefully structured to help students learn how to develop effective marketing strategies and advertising campaigns relevant to digital marketing and identify the right strategy for a particular product or brand.
  • Since the digital marketing diploma course is delivered on-campus, it is a full-time professional programme that spans over 24 weeks in-class along with 12 weeks of the co-op. The total duration of the diploma programme, including scheduled breaks, is 51 weeks.

  • To enrol for this course, the students must fulfil the following criteria:
    • The applicants must be at least 18 years of age or above;
    • The applicants must have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent;
    • In case the applicants do not hold a Secondary School Diploma, they might get admission if they are above 18 years of age and have passed the Wonderlic Scholastic Exam Level with at least a score of 15;

    Non-native speakers of English must have passed an English proficiency test, IELTS with a score of 5.5 or equivalent. 

  • The subjects included in this diploma course are divided into two segments – 480 hours of theoretical learning and 240 hours of practical application. Students who pursue this programme will develop an in-depth knowledge of areas such as:

    • Introduction to marketing and branding: In this module, students will be made familiar with the basic concepts of digital advertising, branding and competitive analysis. Furthermore, they will develop skills that can be instrumental in building customer profiles and analysing the market.

    • Google SEO: Search engine optimisation plays an integral role in increasing the efficiency of digital marketing efforts. This module is focused on helping students understand the various facets of a search engine. Students will learn in-depth about the concepts and processes of the Internet such as what a domain is and how to purchase it, identifying the difference between URL extensions, FTP files and storage servers. Additionally, students can acquire a better understanding of online reputation management, significance of keywords, factors that are instrumental to website promotion, market research and optimisation. This module would also include the practical application of knowledge acquired in the form of optimisation testing and building optimisation reports.

    • Google Analytics: Data analytics has become a dominant business technique, today, more so because of the vast volume of data available. Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to analyse the traffic on a particular website. The objective of this module is to help students learn about profiles and account management, how to decode important reports and how to define the marketing goals. This module will you prepare for the Google Analytics Certification exam.

    • Social Media Sponsored Campaign Management: As a digital marketing professional, you will be responsible for managing the digital campaigns running for the brand or product. This module is designed to help you develop skills for setting up, launching and managing campaigns via various social media platforms. Moreover, you will also learn the difference between various campaign types, how to use them to your advantage and techniques for building visual strategies. The knowledge acquired during the course of this module will also prepare you for the Blueprint Certification Exam which is conducted by Facebook.

    • Google AdWords Pay-per-click Marketing: Google AdWords is an excellent tool to catalyse your digital marketing efforts. In this module, students will learn in detail about creating a Google AdWords account, the guidelines for creating ads using this tool, different conversion types, techniques to optimise conversions and how to use dynamic extensions.

    • Copywriting: With the growing presence of digital marketing techniques, the written word has become an indispensable resource. This module will equip you with skills that can help you write blogs, emails, display ads’ content, website content and landing pages’ content seamlessly.

    • Placement: At the end of the digital marketing diploma programme, students will be required to complete 240 hours of practical experience in a real-world business environment. For students who take up this course, some of the ideal sectors to work in can be finance and accounting, marketing, retail, administration and customer care. Students should use the work placement opportunity to get hands-on experience of what lies in their professional future.

  • For the intake valid till November 2020, the tuition fees for this diploma programme is $14,495 CAD. A special promotional fee of $10,495 CAD will be offered to international students on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, this will be completely at the discretion of the university and will only be valid until seats are available.

Why opt for a Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op?

With a digital marketing diploma under their belt, students can explore varied avenues and industries to catalyse their professional growth. Digital marketing as an industry and marketing technique is prospering beyond measure and has led to the generation of a huge volume of jobs. Furthermore, since this is an important function across various industries today, students can acquire transferrable skills and gather experience in different sectors (say retail and beverage).

Who should apply for a Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op?

Students who are well-versed with social media platforms and are exceptionally creative can opt for this course. If you are intrigued by the way digital marketing has taken over the offline marketing methods and the results it yields, this course is for you.

Scope and future of Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op

With the increased dependence on digital marketing strategies to help a brand overcome geographic and demographic limitations, this course can be your ticket to a successful career. The demand for digital marketers is much more than the number of digital marketing professionals present today. It is a qualification that has never been more relevant than today and this field is predicted to only grow by leaps and bounds.

Career prospects after pursuing a Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op

  • Social Media Executive: As a social media executive, you will be required to take on responsibilities such as managing various social media channels, developing campaigns for customer engagement, creating content that appeals to the target customers’ psyche and analysing the performance of the social media campaigns. To excel as a social media professional, you must be creative, good at communication, understand the working of various social media platforms, have exceptional strategy-building skills and must be good with customer interaction.

  • Content Marketer: A content marketer is responsible for the creation and publishing of engaging content across various platforms with the objective of attracting customers. Apart from content creation, they are also responsible for distributing the content on suitable platforms. A content marketer must have a good command over the required languages, be creative and a quick thinker. Furthermore, they must excel at storytelling and presenting content graphically as well as in the written form.

  • SEO Executive: SEO executives are required to analyse, review and implement optimised websites to feature ahead in the search engine results. They are responsible for including keywords and phrases in content that can drive more traffic to the website. They must possess excellent research and analysis skills to perform well as SEO Executives. Additionally, they must have good communication skills and a keen eye for detail.

  • Conversion Optimisation Specialist: As a conversion optimisation specialist, you will be required to work towards maximising the lead generation for campaigns launched by an organisation. You will also be key to developing effective conversion strategies to generate more leads and conversions. A conversion optimisation specialist must have convincing copywriting skills, research skills and the ability to understand customers’ behavioural traits.

If your professional goal translates to any of the above-mentioned job roles, you can opt for this course to make your studying abroad endeavour a success.