Introduction to a Bachelor’s Degree in Game Design
The game design industry is flourishing with new ideas, innovation and growth as computer and mobile games are the future. As a game designer, students can develop innovative and interesting game mechanics. Furthermore, on completion of this course, students can fully be involved in the game development process, right from the conceptualisation phase to the execution phase.
  • The duration of this programme is seven semesters.
  • The intake for this programme takes place in September.

  • Students are required to have a high school diploma in order to gain admission into this course.

  • The assessment is done based on practical and theoretical knowledge and there are 210 credits overall.
  • The teaching mode is on campus where students learn both theory-based information and practical knowledge in small groups. The campus is centrally located and equipped with the latest technology.
    • Game Designing and Mechanics;
    • Technology and Programming;
    • Level Design;
    • 2D and 3D Art and Animation;
    • Project Management;
    • Professional Development.
  • It is €665 on a monthly basis for EU applicants and €865 for non-EU applicants. 

Reasons to Choose this Course

This degree in game design imparts practice and understanding of how to generate new ideas and innovations for developing and designing games. Be it an artist, programmer, writer, technician or a graphic designer, students can choose any job role and contribute to the designing of games. This course is helpful in providing skills, qualification and practice for contributing to the gaming industry.

Is it Worth Doing a Bachelors in Game Design in Germany?

Germany is a great place to pursue game design because:

  • German universities offer top quality teaching and faculty and are also among the best universities in terms of ranking;
  • Game designing courses in Germany have a practical element to them and they also provide students with a wide range of technologies and knowledge to succeed in their professional careers.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

Students who plan on designing games or have an interest in developing interactive content through graphic designing and writing should apply for this course. Completing this course enhances the overall technical ability of students thus helping them work in gaming studios.

Scope and Future of Bachelors in Game Design

Organisations are always looking for employees with specialisation in the domains of programming, 3D animation, storytelling and digital media designing. Students who have a bachelor’s degree in game design, graphic design or computer science usually gain an edge in job interviews.

Apart from this, the increase in demand for interactive apps and games has also increased the demand for game developers or designers. 

Job Options and Average Salary

A number of industries like game design, computer technology, graphic design and healthcare offer job opportunities for game designers. Take a look at some of the job roles and the median salaries offered for these roles

  • Video Game Artist: €35,300;
  • Video Game Programmer: €37,800;
  • Software Developer: €47,500;
  • Video Game Designer: €36,000.

Learning Outcomes

Game mechanics, prototyping and balancing are some of the key things you will learn in this course. You also get an overview of the design and culture in the market of computer games. You will also be taught game art, designing and programming. Moreover, you will learn about the elements that exist in games, reasons behind their existence, rules and innovations in this field.