Introduction to a Global MBA
It goes without saying that having a business degree will take you to places career-wise. A Global MBA is aimed at harnessing the full potential of the students as well as working professionals. This programme aims to hone your skills and challenge conventional wisdom. The programme is structured around management, leadership and transformation and disruption.
  • This is an 18-month course divided into 3 semesters. 

  • The intake takes place in February, May and October.
  • Undergraduate degree from a recognised university or a minimum of three years of relevant managerial work experience. Students should be at least 21 years. Foreign students are required to submit proof of proficiency in the English language (IELTS higher than 6.5 in all bands).

  • The first semester is concentrated on core subjects such as Marketing and Business Environment, Accounting and Managerial Finance. In the second semester, students get to choose elective courses to tailor their curriculum according to their interests and career goals. Students must write a master thesis to graduate from the programme. The objective of the master thesis is to explore how cutting-edge research is implemented in the daily practice of strategy in a highly competitive environment. No MBA is complete without emphasis on research-oriented methodology. Students do not need to speak German to enrol in the program, however, some knowledge of German is recommended to enjoy the full BSBI experience and therefore BSBI offers optional German classes
    • Marketing and Business Environment;
    • Accounting and Managerial Finance;

    • Systems and Operations Management;

    • Strategic Management and Leadership;

    • Marketing, Global Marketing, Digital Marketing, HR Management, Human Capital Management, Cross-Cultural Management, Project and Leadership Management, Strategic Sales Management, Sales Management, Customer Relationship Management (Electives);

    • Leadership Development Programme (LSBF Executive Education);

    • Research Methods & German Language Studies.

    • The fees is €12,500 for international students and €6,500 for EU students;
    • The degree is awarded by Universita Telematica Internazionale (UNINETTUNO).

Reasons to Choose this Course

A Global MBA comes with the perks of having exposure to a global curriculum in terms of understanding the concepts of marketing, finance, investments and operations. An MBA will help you increase your professional footprint and expand your professional network. It nurtures the desire to excel in performance as the topics are revised periodically suiting the global dynamics.

Is it Worth doing a Global MBA from Germany?

The entire community of students at the Berlin School of Business and Innovation are curious individuals who are in lifelong pursuit of personal and intellectual growth. Study at Berlin, and you study in the heart of the new growing economy. Germany is home to companies that are redefining industries such as Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler and more.  Opportunities for growth is at your fingertips, with the world’s largest assembly of innovators in manufacturing, right nearby. Berlin takes pride in its cultural and historic heritage, giving you a chance to explore the city in free time, away from course work.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

This carefully crafted programme incorporates practical industry applications with rigorous, cutting-edge, research-based curriculum and is aimed at individuals who want to start their careers in leadership roles and for mid-career professionals who want to advance into roles of global business leaders.

Scope and Future of Global MBA

In the Global MBA programme at BSBI,  students learn how to think critically, challenge the status quo and collaborate with people very different from themselves, which is known as the BSBI Global MBA difference. The career centre at BSBI works side-by-side with you to help you achieve post MBA career goals through its range of services that enable you to make career decisions that are aligned with both your personal and professional aspirations. Most sought after fields of work are in Marketing, Finance and Human Resources. Some key industries that can be explored are Consulting, FMCG/Retail, Energy, Financial Services, Manufacturing etc.

Potential Employers

Here’s a list of few top recruiting companies who are hunting for talented Global MBA holders are Adobe, Amazon, Deloitte, Kraft Heinz, TESLA, Ernst & Young, McKinsey & Company, Facebook, Google, Procter & Gamble. A lot of MBA graduates tend to start on their own or choose to work in leading global start-ups instead of conglomerates.

Learning Outcomes

  • Application of business principles to solve structured and unstructured problems to strengthen strategic positioning in the global economy;

  • Make informed and disciplined choices in business practices through ethical principles, recognising ethical dilemma, effective teamwork and collaborative skills;

  • Delivery of professional quality communications that demonstrate appropriate audience awareness, effective content and delivery;

  • Global MBA graduates demonstrate competence in the core curriculum’s shared areas of business, lean management, business intelligence and globalisation;

  • Possess knowledge of current theory and techniques of the major business disciplines, understanding of global perspectives.

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