What Is This Grenoble M.Sc. Innovation Strategy And Entrepreneurship All About?
The Master in Innovation Strategy Entrepreneurship is an effort to introduce innovation to strategic management. Grenoble M.Sc. innovation strategy and entrepreneurship can help you in ensuring competitiveness in every project. Innovation is not only a part of the development of the product, but it facilitates integrating every feature of goods and services form a novel business perspective. These competencies can help in the generation of novel business prospects, the creation of novel products and giving a new definition of the currents and products and manufacturing procedures and establishing new associations between markets and production units.
  • The course content is spread over two years. The first year is an academic year and the second year is the final Management Project (spread over12 months). The entry requirement is a bachelor’s degree in any subject. You should be fluent in English. The fees are € 22,000. You can pay the fees in instalments. If you pay the entire fees at the beginning of the session, you can enjoy discounts.

  • The fees are € 21,450 for two years

  • You can pay the fees in instalments. If you pay the entire fees at the beginning of the session, you can enjoy discounts

  • The duration of the course is two years. The first year consists of theoretical content. In the second year, you have to conduct a thesis in your area of choice.
  • The medium of instruction is English.
  • We are looking for fresh graduates, managers and entrepreneurs who want to design novel business models. It is ideally meant for you if you have out of box thinking and want to design new trails in entrepreneurship.

Why Study This Course?   

Master’s in innovation and strategy and entrepreneurship aims at preparing the future executively to emerge as effective organizational leaders. The programme incorporates theory, practical knowledge and social skills for refining the skills of the budding entrepreneurs. The primary focus is laid on developing the skills to recognize new business prospects and is based on its devising strategies for attaining tremendous success.

Is It Worth Doing Grenoble M.Sc. Innovation Strategy And Entrepreneurship In Germany?

Innovation and strategy and entrepreneurship career can help you emerge as a management faculty or expert in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. You will get many opportunities to participate in the dynamic organizational cultural environment. Through enterprise lab, you will get numerous incredible experiences in a warm and friendly environment.

How is this course useful to me?   

The business world is rapidly changing and this course can enable to lead this change. The course can enable you to work differently. Innovation and strategy and entrepreneurship career jobs can enable you to attain success as an intrapreneur or entrepreneur.  This course can help you to lead innovation from a current company or can even enable you to set up your own enterprises. The course can help you to define your own objectives and acquire the resources and tools needed for it.

Your attitude towards taking initiative for bringing about change can help you touch heights of success.  Employers of today look for the highly innovative intrapreneur who can take up leading process development projects with full zeal, and we can prepare you for it. You can get jobs in research centres, research and development departments, development agencies and commercial houses.

What is the Scope of Grenoble MSc Innovation strategy and entrepreneurship?

After doing this course you can get a job for the following profiles:

  • R and D Managers

  • B to B Product Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Business Developers

  • Business Engineers

You can also get jobs in the following fields:

  • High Tech IT
  • Biotech
  • Start-ups

Innovation strategy and entrepreneurship salary after graduation can help you fetch an annual amount of about 42k€.

What will I learn through this course?    

Innovation strategy and entrepreneurship duration are two years.

Introduction Session

1.  General Management and The Corporate Environment

  • Accounting

  • Insight into Digital

  • Corporate Finance

  • Intercultural Management

  • Leadership, Teambuilding and Managerial Creativity

  • International Negotiations

  • Legal Environment of International Business

  • Project Management

  • Managerial Economics

  • Research Methods for Managers

  • Innovation Management

  • Digital Analytics

2. Digital Transformation in Business

  • Introduction to Innovation

  • Innovation and Design Thinking

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Strategy

3. Strategic Management

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Strategic Marketing and Marketing Planning

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Opportunities

  • New Venture Business Planning

  • Small and Family Business

The second year consists of the Final Management Project 15,000 words. You will have to choose based on your future career choice. Here you have to answer a research question in your chosen field of study. It is a business-oriented project in coherence with the objectives of the programme.

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