Introduction to a Course in Law and Criminology

A course in law and criminology will enable students to gain knowledge about important aspects and theories related to law and criminology. It will focus on enhancing the requisite skills and developing an understanding by forming links between these two disciplines. Students will get an insight into the nature and principles of the law and will gain a broader perspective of its application in the social and political setting. In this course, students will study vital concepts related to law, criminology and crime related methods.

Reasons to Choose this Course

Students aspiring to get an in-depth knowledge of the theoretical and practical facets of law and criminology should take this course. The aim is to provide an appropriate understanding about various institutions of law and the criminal system as well as the roles they play within society along with creating awareness about the different political, legal and cultural systems ina national and international context. Students will get a chance to broaden their horizons and study subjects they are passionate about.

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