Introduction to an MA in Finance and Investment
The Master of Arts in Finance and Investment is an ideal course for professionals seeking a finance master's degree with an integrated specialisation in investments. This unique course offers unparallel access to understanding investment analysis or financial holdings from a management perspective.
  • It is an 18-month course, split into 3 semesters.

  • The intake takes place in February, May and October.

  • Undergraduate degree from a recognized university or a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience within a managerial segment. Additional work experience will be a bonus. Should be a minimum of 21 years. Foreign students are supposed to submit proof of English proficiency levels (IELTS higher than 5.5 in all bands and a PTE score of 50+).
  • The first semester lays the foundation for subjects such as Business and Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance and Introduction to Financial Markets. The third semester depends on the discretion of the student to pick a topic for dissertation and gear up towards graduating. It is crucial to understand that theoretical research methodology is symbiotic with practical application and is heavily emphasised in this course. Optional courses are supported as well for a further study in a finance discipline. Emphasis on German language acquisition is mandated in both the semesters.

    • Business and Financial Analysis;
    • Corporate Finance;

    • Quantitative Finance and Financial Markets;

    • Derivatives and Alternative Investments (Elective);

    • Islamic Banking Operations (Elective);

    • Mergers and Acquisitions and Private Equity (Elective);

    • Leadership Development Programme (LSBF Executive Education);

    • Research Methods & German Language Studies.

    • The fees is €11,000 for international students and €6,000 for EU students;
    • The degree is awarded by Universita Telematica Internazionale (UNINETTUNO).

Reasons to Choose this Course

MA in Finance and Investment is an advanced, academically oriented degree with a reflective and analytical viewpoint rather than an operational viewpoint. The core modules of this course will equip the student with responsibilities such as planning, implementation and upon graduating opening doors to opportunities in premium sectors such as investment banking, hedge funds, capital markets, retail banking and funded startups. This course also offers pathways into diversified sectors such as accounts and auditing.

Is it Worth getting a Master’s Degree in Finance and Investment from Germany?

Unlike any other country, Germany is a higher education paradise with a promise of high employability in comparison to other European countries. According to one survey, German universities are above global higher education standards with their globally recognized study programmes designed to meet up the most up-to-date advancements in various fields. Student life at Berlin School of Business and Innovation is more than merely lectures, exams and course work. Students have a wider scope to indulge in eating & drinking, culture & sports, student initiatives and general projects. BSBI offers a good atmosphere and cultivated attractive surroundings.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

This course is tailormade for finance career-oriented professionals who are looking forward to taking a leap in their careers or wanting to work for major multinational companies. MA in Finance and Investments offers a range of career rewarding opportunities. The programme is aimed at spiralling the career growth of aspirants interested in the corporate sector as well as non-profit sectors through its in-depth knowledge of theoretical and practical perspectives.

Scope and the Future of MA in Finance and Investment

The finance sector is touted to be one of the most premier work fields. Berlin School of Business and Innovation extends full support into helping students through placements and various career guidance programmes. This programme is adaptive to meet your specific requirements across a broad range of premier career opportunities in most sought after established financial institutions, corporations, consulting firms, the public sector and fin tech. This master’s degree also allows you to continue your academic career, including a doctorate.

Potential Employers

Some of the top recruiting companies are Bain & Company, Société General, Goldman Sachs, Price Water Coopers, Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, Roland Berger Strategy Consultant, Barclays Capital, Bank of America, Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation to name a few.

Learning Outcomes

  • Exhibit and interpret financial statements and quotations and obtain relevant skills like leadership and integrated teamwork;

  • Lay a foundation in understanding how markets work and get first-hand knowledge on the most advanced financial theories, quantitative models and industry practices;

  • Evaluate corporate finance structures and instruments used to generate money and manage financial risk;

  • Understanding major financial decisions, including dividend choice, mergers, acquisitions and restructuring in financial distress;

  • A thorough grounding in the theory and recent developments in the fields of private equity and investments.

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