Study MA in International Relations in Netherlands
Global issues are increasing by the day and people need to have a critical thinking and logical understanding of the same. Doing business is also not as easy as it was before. The changing face of business is being witnessed in the global platform. The reasons behind this have been the amendments in government policies, economic factors, and regulations in the business industry. A degree in International Relations is pursued by the aspirants who want to understand the human rights and the course opens the door to bright careers in the business field. There are various institutions, which are offering a platform to study BA in International Relations in Netherlands.
  • The duration of full time MA International Relations is 14 months while part time is 28 months.

  • The following are the intake details for pursuing MA International Relations at Webster University Leiden:

    Summer, 2018: May 28 to July 27

    Fall 1 2018: August 20 to October 19

    Fall 2, 2019: October 22 to December 21

    Spring 1, 2019: Jan 7 to March 8

    Spring 2, 2019: March 18 to May 17

  • International students applying at Webster University Leiden must meet the following entry requirements:  

    • Online application form along-with $35 application fee

    • Certif5ed university transcripts

    • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 or more

    • Copy of recent CV

    • 1 pager letter of motivation

    • Two letters of recommendation

    • TOEFL score of 550 /80 or IELTS 6.5, if applicable

  • Students are required to finish minimum 36 credit hours in International Relations 

  • The university imparts both full time and part time study for pursuing MA in International Relations. International students can apply for only full time program while EU students can opt for part time and full time both.

  • INTL 5000 Introduction to International Relations (3 hours)

    INTL 5100 Research Methods and Perspectives (3 hours)

    INTL 6000 Capstone in International Relations (3 hours) 
    or INTL 6250 Thesis* (6 hours) and INTL 6900 University Thesis Requirement (0 hours)

    Two courses from the Comparative Politics Cluster (6 hours) :

    INTL 5050 Comparative Politics (3 hours)

    INTL 5580 Politics of Development (3 hours)

    INTL 5570 Comparative Foreign Policy (3 hours) 

    INTL 5600 Area Studies (3 hours) 

    INTL 5605 Topics in Comparative Politics (3 hours) 

    INTL 5625 Middle East Area Studies (3 hours) 

    INTL 5635 Western European Area Studies (3 hours) 

    INTL 5645 Asian Area Studies (3 hours) 

    INTL 5655 African Area Studies (3 hours)

    INTL 5665 South and Central Asian Area Studies (3 hours) 

    INTL 5675 Central and Eastern European Area Studies (3 hours) 

    INTL 5685 Latin American Area Studies (3 hours)

    Four courses from the International Politics Cluster (12 hours)

    INTL 5400 International Political Economy (3 hours)

    INTL 5510 Theories of International Relations (3 hours)

    INTL 5530 International Law (3 hours)

    INTL 5540 International Organizations (3 hours)

    INTL 5550 War and Diplomacy (3 hours)

    INTL 5560 U.S. Foreign Policy (3 hours)

    INTL 5590 International Security (3 hours)

    INTL 5700 Humanitarian Issues in International Politics (3 hours)

    INTL 5800 Globalization (3 hours)

    INTL 5860 Issues in International Politics (3 hours)

    INTL 5870 International Law and Politics of Outer Space (3 hours)INTL 5890 Terrorism in World Politics (3 hours)

    Three International Relations Elective Courses (9 hours)
    Any additional courses from the two clusters above, or any of the following:

    INTL 5300 Field Work (3-6 hours) 

    INTL 5500 Professional Seminars (1-3 hours) 

    INTL 5610 Non-Thesis Readings/Research (3 hours)

    INTL 5900 Advanced Research Methods* (3 hours) 

    INTL 6500 Internship (3 hours)

    Any other graduate elective course (3 hours)

  • The fees amount purely depends upon the duration of program i.e. full time or part time. Students pursuing full time program needs to pay €1800 per 3 credit hour course. There are in total twelve 3 credit courses in total. Total fees is €21600.

  • Webster University Leiden believes in providing financial funding to its students in order to relieve their financial burden. Also, by doing so, the university enables the students to focus on their academics rather than getting stressed due to financial pressures. The university provides financial funding in the form of grants, scholarships, long-term loans, etc.


  • Students can apply for scholarships for pursuing their MA International Relations from Webster University Leiden campus.


    Webster Leiden Campus Scholarship

    Webster Leiden Legacy Tuition Grant

    Sverdrup International Study Abroad Scholarship


    Apart from scholarships, students can also avail early consideration discounts and referral discounts.

What is MA International Relations all about?

The course can prepare the aspirants to face and manage business paradigms in the international arena. The business can be conducted based on current market conditions, procedures, and principles. The aspirants are exposed to export sales and policies, foreign operations, rules and regulations for global trade, cultural and cross-boundary constraints, and international business policies. The aspirants can enrol for the MA in International Business course, which encompasses all the above-mentioned subjects as table of contents for the curriculum. The course is planned under the guidance of expert faculty members who have complete knowledge of international relations.

Why to study this Course?

The course is defined and designed for the aspirants who want to undertake competition by their stride. The curriculum prepares the aspirants to become leaders in international affairs. They acquaint the aspirants with the foreign policies, which are important to face the global competition, which is too much to handle. A prestigious degree like this will prepare the aspirants to be able to focus and prepare their mindset to face the challenges and emerge successful. As it is the Master’s degree can be pursued after the completion of the Bachelors’ one. Studying International Relations from an international perspective is the right approach offered by the course. In short, the aspirants have to develop a frame of mind, which can work in the global front to conduct international business. MA in International Relations career opportunities is immense. They can get a good break in the government departments, international associations, public, private and non-profit sectors.

Is it worth doing MA in International Relations?

When the aspirants pursue the course for IR, they are opening the door to several job opportunities in the international scenario. They can easily get government jobs in the entry level and then move on to the executive level as well.


The Master of Arts International Relations job opportunities can be found in the below mentioned fields:

  • Government Social research officer

  • Public relations officer in the private or public sector firms

  • Public affairs consultant

  • Charity officer

  • Human resource officer

  • Local government officer

  • Diplomatic service officer

  • Forensic accountant


Who is this course for? Why is this course useful to me?

Strengthening the international relations means promoting successful trade policies between countries. The trade is facilitated and helps in the economic stability of the world in several ways. Moreover, the present day terrorism and soaring criminal activities can be checked with the help of such relations. The countries develop friendly terms, which definitely promote world peace. Thus in today’s scenario, this course has high impact upon the society. In reality, the course introduces the aspirants to the political and socio-economic state of the world. They step in the world of politics and can move on to become diplomats of and represent their respective country in the world political arena. Webster University in Leiden offers and mentions MA International Relations requirements, which help the students to enrol for the course.

What is the Scope and future of MA/Masters in International Relations?

Some research about the subject and the career prospects is required. This is revealing the wide spectrum of the course outcomes to the aspirants. The aspirants can connect with the institutions also to get MA International Relations details. The aspirants will have to select the subject combinations and thus get prepared in the respective discipline accordingly. Mathematics, English, Economics, History, and Government are some of the subject combinations, which they will have to make a selection from.


The scope of the course is as follows:

  • The students will get acquainted with globalization

  • Diplomatic relations between countries

  • Nationalism

  • Nuclear proliferation

  • State sovereignty

  • International security

  • Global finance

  • Terrorism

  • Economic finance

  • Human rights

Careers in the field of International Relations is diverse and the aspirants get exposure to work in the field of international and multi-national corporations, government and NGO societies, intergovernmental agencies, research organisations, advocacy groups, and consulting firms.


What will I learn through this course? (Learning Outcomes)

The aspirants who pursue the course can get the exposure of highest level in the government departments and politics. They are made a part of International Security Agencies as well where they play the role of peace mediators between countries to develop and strengthen world peace. The course can have a high impact in their career. The MA International Relations duration is generally a 14 months program in Netherlands. The eligibility for the Master’s course is Bachelor’s Degree. The aspirants have to pass the Bachelor’s course to get entry in this course. The course is also open for working professionals as it helps them to emerge successful after experiencing stagnancy in mid-level career. Thus, the course has a bright future and several professionals who have already undertaken the course are yielding bright results in their respective careers.