What is this course all about?
MS Finance is a rewarding career programme that focusses on laying the foundation of how markets function and work around the financial concepts, theories, and models. It provides a comprehensive view of finance as a domain and an understanding of all the important aspects like financial markets, investments, corporate finance, and other relevant topics.
  • The total duration for this course is 2 years, which is 36 credit hours.

  • Intake
    Start Date
    Application Deadline
    I-20 Request Deadline
    Begin Course Registration
     Fall 1, 2019
     August 19, 2019
     June 7, 2019
     June 21, 2019
     April 8, 2019
     Fall 2, 2019
     October 21, 2019
     August 9, 2019
     August 23, 2019
     April 8, 2019
     Spring 1, 2020
     January 6, 2020
     October 25, 2019
     November 8, 2019
     October 28, 2019
     Spring 2, 2020 
     March 16, 2020
     January 8, 2020
     January 17, 2019
     October 28, 2019
     Summer 2020
     May 25, 2020
     March 16, 2020
     March 30, 2020
     March 5, 2020
  • 1. Undergraduate degree
    2. Baccalaureate degree from a U.S. accredited institution
    3. Online Application with USD 50 application fee
    4. Official transcripts
    5. Certificate of Finance
    6. Passport
    7. Undergraduate cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above
    English Proficiency Test: The acceptable English Proficiency test scores are mentioned below
    English Test
    Minimum Score Required
    Minimum 6.5
    iBT 80 or PBT 575
    Pearson Treat of English Academic
    Minimum 53
    Cambridge Academic English
  • The students are taught the financial degree in a traditional classroom environment where students can learn while interacting with each other as well as the teachers. The distinguished faculty members comprise of working professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience as they have worked in different business and financial positions.


    For assessing the student’s performance, Grade Point Average is calculated based on work taken in the university.

  • M.S Finance is taught both at the campus as well as in the online mode. Students pursuing the course online can-do scheduling of the class flexibly in order to accommodate busy faculty members.

  • MS Finance syllabus comprises of all the major subjects and concepts that build upon the knowledge of an increasingly complex global market and impart the requisite financial skills. It requires the students to complete 36 credit hours that include 6 credit hours of electives. Some courses are required to be done in this programme. Those are:

    1. Management Accounting

    2. Financial Modeling

    3. Investments

    4. Managerial Economics

    5. Capital Budgeting and Corporate Investments

    6. Mergers and Acquisitions

    7. International Finance

    8. Finance

    9. Institutions and Financial Markets

    10. Advanced Corporate Finance

  • Estimated Costs for the 2019-2020 Academic Year for Graduate International Students
    Living Expenses
    Health Insurance
     St. Louis
    * We also offer scholarships *
    Living Expenses include estimates for housing, food, personal care, entertainment, and books.

    Health Insurance is mandatory for all international students unless they have a government-sponsored health insurance.

Why study this course?

Finance is a major pillar of an organization, and this course imparts the practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to work on various finance positions. Whether a student is a graduate or working professional, M.S Finance in US will enhance the student’s existing knowledge by offering them with new insights and techniques to handle financial problems.


Is it worth doing M.S Finance?

This course facilitates in progressing the career by providing an array of M.S Finance jobs as the students gain a lot of finance-related knowledge and build upon the expertise that is needed to deal with financial issues and to make financial decisions. In this course, students will get significant practical exposure to the finance world, and they will learn the advanced approaches to financial analysis and accounting methods.


Who is this course for?

This course is an appropriate catch for the students who want to pursue their career in finance-related fields and have an interest in learning about financial models, quantitative theories and accounting tools. All those who want to get an in-depth knowledge of financial components and want to analyze how financial decisions are taken in a corporation can take up this course, as M.S Finance careers are very rewarding and progressive.


What is the scope and future of M.S Finance?

No organization can progress without taking its financial decisions effectively. The knowledge and expertise gained throughout this programme can lead to various opportunities for a successful career in finance. M.S Finance salaries offered at different finance positions are very attractive and well paying.The wide range of career paths includes corporate finance, retail banking, investment banking, broking, financial planning, investment management, commercial banking and various other accounting roles in corporations, government organizations, industries, and businesses.


Job Options

1. Investment Banking

2. Risk Management

3. Corporate Finance

4. Management Consulting etc


Average Salary

On an average, a graduate in MS Finance earns USD 75000 per year in USA.          https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Degree=Master_of_Science_(MS)%2C_Finance/Salary


Do I need work experience to pursue this course?

Work experience is not compulsory for pursuing MS Finance from Webster University.


What are the learning outcomes of this course?

MS Finance eligibility provides the students with the following learning outcomes:

  1. Students will be able to ascertain the value of financial assets

  2. Students will be able to analyze financial problems and take the financial decisions of the organization

  3. Students will be able to apply the approaches and techniques in solving real financial issues



1. Which dual degree specializations are available?

There is only one dual degree specialization and that is Maters in Business Administration and Masters in Science Finance.


2. Are all the courses in this programme compulsory?

Yes, students have to take all the courses, but they are free to choose the electives.