Introduction to an MSc Data Analytics and Information Systems Management
The MSc in Data Analytics and Information Systems Management is a course that helps students specialise information management and data analysis. Students will learn how to visually present this data and help in explaining it. Along with data analysis and data mining, this course will give a broad understanding of using various softwares and information systems to present and visualise this data.
  • The duration of this course is 12 months for full-time and 24 months for part-time.

  • Students can apply in April and October.

  • There is a requirement for you to have a minimum of 6.5 IELTS score along with having a 2:2 UK honours degree and a bachelor’s degree. If you don’t have an undergraduate degree, you must have at least five years of work experience.

  • The teaching mode is online,and you will be taught through webinars, reading materials, recorded lectures and practical education. Assessment will be done based on reports, projects, presentations, dissertations, etc.

  • The teaching methods for this course are online and on-campus.

    • Designing Data;
    • Decision Making and Data Handling;
    • Information System and Business Strategy Alignment;
    • Interpretation and Visualisation of Data;
    • Trend and Technology Monitoring;
    • Research Projects;
    • Portfolio and Project Management.
  • The fees for this course is €15,000. 

Reasons to Choose this Course?     

This course will give you an understanding of statistics, probability and data analysis along with learning data visualisation types and applying the analysed data to make it relevant in the big picture. TheMasters in Data Analytics and Information Systems Management is important in this age with Big data floating around. A career in the IT sector is guaranteed after doing this course.

Is it Worth doing Data Analytics and Information Systems Management in Germany?         

Germany is a nation with a huge IT sector and many multinational companies have their offices in Germany. Studying in Germany allows you access to many of these companies and increases the chances of securing a job. Germany is also very friendly to international students and has a rich culture to explore. There will many careers in this field available for you in Germany.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

If you are interested in the Information Technology sector and want to expand your horizons to better and well-paying jobs, then salaries earned after this degree is comparatively higher than a basic job in the IT sector. This allows you to enter the management sector of any company’s IT sector. This course is appropriate for individuals who want to enter the management sector in growing businesses. The course helps you have the edge over the other information technology leader by polishing you with the skills of data analytics.

Scope and Future of Data Analytics and Information Systems Management

There are a variety of Data Analytics and Information Systems Management jobs available to you. The scope of the IT industry is growing day by day and with data being so essential to every industry, there is a great demand for IT sector managers who can manage well by analysing the data and driving the data in a profitable direction towards a better future for the industry. One can enter the sector of IT, research, management, computers, etc. after doing this course.

Job Options

  • Data Analyst;

  • Information Systems Manager;

  • Statistician;

  • Information Risk Manager;

  • Data Manager;

  • Intelligence Specialist;

  • Service Delivery Manager;

  • Functional Manager;

  • Computer Systems Administrator;

  • Web Developer;

  • Database Administrator;

  • Information Technology Manager.

Potential Employers

Your potential employers will be businesses with a strong demand for computer system managers and data analysts, government officials, consultancy agencies, software companies, etc.

Learning Outcomes

You will obtain skills to analyse data, design data, handle data, visualise and interpret data. This will make you sound in data analysis and handling the IT sector. You will learn to manage the IT sector and research and manage portfolios and use various software to present data. 

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