Introduction to MSc in Data Analysis and Marketing
The MSc Data Analytics and Marketing help students learn a range of essential marketing skills with analysing of statistics and interpretation of large sets of data. A diverse section of specialised topics is included in this course. Students through this course learn how to extract relevant information and how to use it in making important business decisions. It combines theoretical knowledge of data science and its practical usage in marketing.
  • The duration of this course is 24 months in the full-time version and 12 months in the part-time version.


  • The intake takes place in April and October every year.


  • The students should have a bachelors degree in a related field.


  • The total credits for this course are 80 ECTS. Assessments will be done on the basis of exams in both theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Plenty of opportunities are given to students regarding internships. Also, collaborations on ongoing projects will be provided for students. The structure of the program is modular,and students through statistical and computational methods will be able to learn the applications of the methodology of data science.
    • Strategic Marketing;
    • International Marketing;
    • Mastering Metrics;
    • Digital Strategy;
    • Data Handling and Decision-Making;
    • Data Visualisation and Interpretation;
    • Research Project.
  • The total programme fees is €15,000.

Reasons to Choose this Course?

The MSc in Data Analytics and Marketing helps students learn how to make business decisions smartly and help them gain expertise in data science. The data produced by human behaviour and social interaction can be used in various domains of marketing. Social science methods through this course are used in the extraction of values from this data.

Is it Worth Doing MSc in Data Analysis and Marketing from Germany?

Professionals seeking admission to this course should study in Germany as:

  • Germany is well-known for its high quality of education;

  • Variety of job opportunities in the field of marketing;

  • It has a rich culture and political history and offers a wide range of internships and assignments through this course in a professional setting.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

The course is for those students who want to:

  • Strive in today’s data-driven market;

  • Convert analysis into useful insights and strategic plans;

  • Gain an advanced understanding of the management of marketing;

  • Establish a successful career in marketing.

Through this course, you will be able to analyse relevant information from complex data which provides a competitive edge to business. You will be able to learn the introduction of machine learning and analytical technology and use it in marketing. Modern machine learning methods are used in implementing skills and knowledge acquired in business such as marketing and logistics. 

Scope and Future of MSc in Data Analysis and Marketing

Data analytics and marketing career opportunities are not just limited to the field of marketing but also cover logistics. With the focus on data analytics, students through this course can take up challenges in various disciplinary fields. They can become business consultants, data scientists and data engineers through this course.

Job Options

The job options for students who pursue this course is in the fields of data analysis, data science and business consultancy.

Potential Employers

Potential employers include:

  • Research scientists in data analysis;

  • Big data engineer;

  • Business Intelligence analysts;

  • Data scientists;

  • Machine learning scientists.

Do I need work experience to pursue this course?

Students don’t need work experience but should have a Bachelors Degree in the field.

Learning Outcomes

The MSc Marketing and data analytics helps students learn various technologies of data analysis and interpretation and how to use it in the field of machine learning, marketing, engineering or any other related field. With social and data analysis you will be able to deliver interpretations and become a specialist.


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