Introduction to Engineering Management
Engineering Management is the study of technology and software knowledge of engineering along with the operational knowledge of management. The MSc in Engineering Management allows students to be sound in not just engineering but also management. This course combines management with engineering to manage and operate the overall functioning of a business. Engineering management involves planning and taking decisions regarding the complex engineering required in an organisation. This is a perfect blend of technical science knowledge along with the knowledge of business.
  • The duration of the course is 12 months for full-time and 24 months for part-time.

  • The intake is in April and October every year.

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree along with a minimum score of 6.5 in your IELTS and a GPA of at least 3.0 to be able to apply for the course. 

  • The subjects are taught by professors who are experts in their respective fields and you will be assessed depending on your essays, projects, assignments, reports, presentations, practical projects, etc.

  • Students can choose from online and on-campus learning. You can attend face-to-face lectures on campus or connect to the online classrooms.

    • Research Projects
    • Quality Management
    • Supply Chain and Operations Management
    • Project Management Techniques
    • Sustainability in Practice and Theory
    • Innovation and Risk Management
    • Decision Making and Data Handling
  • The fees is 15,000 for both full-time and part-time course.

Reasons to Choose this Course

There is a need for individuals who are blessed with the knowledge of both science and business to sustain and grow a business in today’s fast-paced world. The MSc in Engineering Management in Germany will help you polish your skills in both fields. The course does not only nurture your technical expertise but also helps you in utilising that technical knowledge in business operations.

Is it Worth doing Engineering Management in Germany?

Germany is a hub for international students. Along with Germany’s vast culture and history, the country houses many businesses that are sound in technologies and technical work as Germany is well known for its huge engineering and technological industry. Hence, there are many MSc Engineering Management courses and career options available for you to pursue here. The country provides high-quality education at reasonable rates for education and living.

Who Should Pursue this Course?

This course is meant for individuals looking for MSc Engineering Management jobs, that is, individuals who are looking to enjoy the best of both worlds of engineering and management. It is meant for people who want to make it big in the engineering sector by learning managerial skills to operate and control engineering in businesses. If you are looking forward to obtaining such jobs, then this degree is for you.

Scope and Future of MSc Engineering Management

There is a wide scope to expand your horizon into the managerial positions of engineering jobs and then further step a foot into management and operations. This degree opens the options of managing engineering teams and planning and organising these teams and providing them with budgets and a work plan.

Job Options

Through this degree, you can opt for a number of job options like:

  • Supply Team Manager;

  • Director;

  • Operations Manager;

  • General Manager;

  • Production Manager;

  • Leader of a Production Team. 

Potential Employers

Your potential employers will be businesses with a core-engineering sector, along with public sector offices that need managers for their technical team. In addition, you can also start your own engineering aid agency.

Do I need work experience to pursue this course?

No, you do not need work experience for pursuing this course.

Learning Outcomes

MSc in Engineering Management will teach you how to manage the engineering sector that produces and creates a lot of technical support for businesses. You will also understand the difference between customers, consumers, buyers, sellers and all the basic business and operation terms. You will get the knowledge of product development and how to manage products, along with managing general sectors as well as the engineering sector.