What is Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship all about?
Today's world is striving to create new technologies, goods, and services. There is a huge demand for innovation and along with it a demand to manage this constant innovation and use these in businesses. Msc in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship gives the students a holistic teaching in entrepreneurship and leadership by nurturing their innovative skills and making them realize its importance and benefits in business. The course allows you to take your unique values and ideas and turn them to reality.
  •  This is a one year long on campus course along with a dissertation of 12 months.

  •  The admissions open in July and the intake is in September every year.

  • You need a minimum 6.5 score in your IELTS along with a bachelor’s degree or any equivalent of it.

  • There are lectures, seminars and workshops held to teach you the subjects. You will be assessed based on the projects, essays, presentations, exams, researches, etc.

  • The mode of teaching is offline and on-campus.

  • Following are the modules you will be covering through this course -
    • The corporate environment and general management
    • Innovation Management
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Strategy.
  • The course costs around 22000 Euros.

    ref link for course fees:


Why Study this course / Why choose this course?

This course is essential to you if you want to step a foot into the business industry by starting your own business. The degree of masters innovation management and entrepreneurship gives one an understanding of how to use new ideas in bringing about a change in your business and how to implement these ideas in order to expand the business. Entrepreneurship and innovation are driving forces of today’s world. This course enables and teaches you to create something new and then skillfully put it in the market to grow your business.

Is it worth doing Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship in Germany?

Germany has many universities offering online as well as offline courses for Innovation management and entrepreneurship. The living costs and the scholarship prices are also low for Germany. Germany is a home to many multinational companies and has many masters innovation management and entrepreneurship jobs available. Apart from job, one can start his/her business in Germany too.

Who is this course for? How is it useful to me?

If you are someone looking for masters innovation management and entrepreneurship careers then this course is apt for you. If you are someone who has ideas and wants to start your own business by bringing these ideas to life, then this course gives you the right qualities and skills required. You get to produce, manage and sell your products in your own startup or in existing businesses.

What is the Scope and future of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship? (Career Options / What can you do with Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship?/How will this course enhance my career prospects?)

The innovation management and entrepreneurship opportunities are huge along with the scope for these subjects. These subjects are of great relevance in today’s time for there is a need to expand businesses into new horizons which require innovation management. In order to implement innovative ideas, it is necessary to have certain leadership qualities. The course will impart skills needed to take risks and responsible in business. There is always a need for new businesses or changes in the existing businesses.

Potential Employers

Your potential employers will be businesses, small scale and large scale. Mainly startup companies would want to hire an individual specializing in innovation management and entrepreneurship. Government officials can also be your potential employers if they are planning to come up with a new idea or project. You can also be your own boss with this degree by starting your own business.

Do I need work experience to pursue this course?

You do not need work experience to pursue the course, although at some places they require a job experience if the candidate does not have a undergraduate degree.

What will I learn through this course? (Learning Outcomes)

The masters in innovation management and entrepreneurship salary will depend on how much you learn in this course, which will benefit your employers. You will learn business-planning, development along with marketing products and financial management.

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