Introduction to an MSc in International Business Management
An MSc in International Business Management teaches students how to manage businesses across various nations by giving knowledge beyond than just management of a business unit. The course prepares students to work for MNCs by teaching them about business regulations, laws, customs in various countries and international markets. International business management is essential in the times of globalisation if a business has to grow.
  • It is a year-long full-time course. 
  • The intake takes place in May and September. 
  • In order to gain admission into this course, you need to score a minimum of 6.5 in IELTS and hold a bachelor's degree.
  • The teaching is on-campus and is research-based along with providing a practical learning experience. You will be assessed on exams and projects. 
    • Business Management;
    • International Business Strategies;
    • Environment and Trade for International Business;
    • Consultancy;
    • Project Management;
    • Global Marketing Management;
    • Consumer Behaviour;
    • International Entrepreneurship;
    • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development;
    • Start-ups Management;
    • Innovation Management;
    • International Finances and Business;
    • Financial Resource Management. 
  • The fees for this course is €16,500. There is also a 20% scholarship available for select students.

  • Having prior work experience is not necessary for applying to this course.

Reasons to Choose this Course?

This course is apt for people who want to pursue a career in international business and want to work for multinational companies. A master in international business management polishes your employability skills, thus assisting you in obtaining your dream job. Students will also learn how to market their businesses worldwide and understand the different regulations present in various countries. Students will be ready to face the challenges of globalisation and tackle them with ease.

Is it Worth Doing an MSc in International Business Management from Germany?

Germany is known for catering international students for multiple management courses. Germany has a strong business management background and provides research-based and practical learning. The country is known for its rich culture and advanced teaching techniques. It is also a hub for business management jobs, so once you are done with the degree, you have the scope to apply for a variety of jobs as per your qualifications. 

Who Should Pursue this Course?  

This course designed made for students who are interested in business and management and want to expand their horizons into international business. This course will help students by providing them knowledge about the international business environment and how to manage it by ensuring maximum profits for the company. This course can be taken up by students who are interested in starting up their own business and need a little polishing in order to approach the global market. Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from this course to expand their business globally. On completion of this degree, students have the potential to earn high salaries. 

Scope and Future of International Business Management

With globalisation bringing about a shift in the businesses, there is a need for people who master in managing international businesses. As globalisation increases so will the demand for international business management careers. There is wide scope for such professionals since they are needed not only in MNCs but also in small scale start-ups who are looking to make it big internationally.

Job Options

Some of the job opportunities for you after you opt for this course are:

  • Entrepreneurship;

  • Business Analyst;

  • Business Advising;

  • Human Resource Management;

  • Marketing;

  • Investment Banker;

  • Management Consultant;

Potential Employers

Potential employers will include MNCs, start-ups who are looking for managers and business consultants, entrepreneurs, etc.

Learning Outcomes

This course opens a lot of international business management career prospects for students. The learnings of this course are usually related to management, business studies, international laws and regulations, business analysis, etc. This course will prepare students for global businesses and help them in understanding and driving businesses towards a global future.

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