Introduction to a Master's Degree in IT Security Management
IT is a booming industry and with that there is a need for IT security and management, which makes sure that information technology is used safely and managed well. A Master's degree in IT Security Management ensures students learn important skills to manage, plan and create IT security for organisations. Managing the IT sector is difficult and requires knowledge and skills. This course provides you with that knowledge and skill set.
  • The course duration is 12 months for full-time and 24 months for part-time.

  • The intake takes place in October.

  • You need a minimum score of 6.5 in your IELTS for your English language proficiency and a 2:2 UK degree. You will also need to have a bachelor's degree in IT or some work experience related to the IT sector.

  • Teaching is done online and offline with practical projects so that the students get hands-on experience in the sector.

  • There are mainly two modes of teaching - on-campus and online. For on-campus teaching, they offer a study course and give multiple projects to prepare you for the ultimate industry. Online course you get study material emailed to you along with a personal tutor to teach you.

Reasons to Choose this Course       

Information security is necessary for managing the IT of the business in order to keep information away from hackers and cyber crimes. The IT security has to be strong in order to keep the business running smoothly. An IT security management degree allows the students to understand the need for IT security management in a business.

Is it Worth doing IT Security Management in Germany?

Germany is famous among international students for the country offers a lot of scholarships and facilities for international students. Germany also has a low unemployment rate, which allows for more job opportunities. Berlin, the capital of Germany is believed to be the start-up technology capital in Europe. The course offers a practical studying experience and quality education. 

Who Should Pursue this Course?

This course is useful for people who are interested in the IT industry as well as management. The IT security management degree jobs are meant to offer services to the company related to the management and Security of the company's information and data. The course is useful if you are interested in the IT sector and want to increase your horizon of understanding and working in the industry. This course opens your doors to multiple jobs which need information technology management and security, especially the government jobs.

Scope and Future of IT Security Management

Information is necessary in today's time, along with the importance of information, grows the need to secure the information. Organisations need people to manage this information and make sure it is safe. The companies will constantly need people to ensure the cybersecurity of the company and develop the IT at the same time. This course will open the doors for management for you, if you are an IT student, doing this course will help you achieve the management position in the IT sector. 

Job Options

  • Consultant for Security;
  • IT Security Officer;
  • Security Analyst;
  • Information Security Analyst;
  • Technology Officer for the Government.

Potential Employers

Your potential employers will be businesses with a strong IT sector and government organizations looking for Security analysts and managers. Businesses, research firms, government officials, professional firms, etc will employ you.

Learning Outcomes

As an IT professional, you will learn how to ensure safety and security in an organisation for the IT sector and how to manage the sector to ensure security. The course will prepare you to face the challenges of technology. 


  • Trend Monitoring and Technology;
  • Risk Management;
  • Information Security Strategy Development;
  • IT Security Management;
  • Information Security Governance;
  • Application of Cloud Systems;
  • Research and Project.
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