What is the Masters degree in Photography all about?
The Masters degree in photography is a two year long course which helps students enhance their photography skills. The students through this course can their own visual language and can further use it for applied or artistic work. The program also provides with a creative setting for the development and aspiring of prospective photographers. Students through this course can strengthen their professional as well as artistic skills through various projects and practical knowledge offered in a professional environment. Students can think conceptually and can use their knowledge with modern technology.
  • The total duration of the course is three semesters with one semester equal to 6 months.
  • The winter semester for this course starts in the month of September.
  • The students should have a bachelors degree in related field.
  • The total credits for this course are 90 ECTS. Students will also be given projects and theoretical papers to access their knowledge.
  • Extensive range of media technologies are provided in campuses for study of photography and experimenting and developing in students own style. The technologies include dark room scanners, green screen studio, printers, editing rooms and professional lights and camera systems.
  • The masters in photography syllabus include:
    • Innovation
    • Media History
    • Narrative theory
    • History of staged photography
    • Program development and exhibition
    • Artistic and cultural mediation
    • Transmedial narratology
    • Performativity
    • Visual studies.
    • The total fee is:
    • For EU Applicants: 950 Euros for one month
    • For Non-EU Applicants: 1,050 Euros for one month.

Why Study this course?

Those who want to explore digital image making through research and practice should choose Masters in Photography. The program is a perfect blend of theoretical art knowledge and practice in studio. There are three main types of visual storytelling including still image, moving image and multimedia. Photography and image making generally focus on these types. It is practice based and process oriented program and students through this course can explore digital image making. The combination of technical knowledge and photography principles is offered in this program. Contemporary techniques and professional practices are used in various workshops and studio classes conducted.

Is it worth doing Masters in Photography in Germany?

Professionals seeking admission n masters in photography should choose Germany as:

  • The emphasis here is on internationality. Masters in photography in Germany is entirely taught in English for students coming from all over the world.

  • It is well known country of innovators and provides a safe and friendly atmosphere with affordable costs.  

  • The professionals by studying in Germany can get jobs from around the world. The universities offer various case studies and studio workshops in a professional setting for students.

  • Various combinations of technical and contemporary methods are used in a well-developed infrastructure.

Who is this course for? How is it useful to me?

The course is for those:

  • Students who want to strengthen their skills in artistic vision and vocational competence.

  • Students who want to specialize in the fields of photography and image making.

  • Students who want to learn processes of photography publication and platforms.

  • Students who want to make their presence in the field of photography and visual art both nationally and internationally.

The course is useful to students because it uses various workshops and case studies for teaching the various contemporary and professional techniques in photography. The studio knowledge and professional studies help enhance student’s skills on a whole different level. The program focuses on narrative perspectives and enhances story telling in visual field. Careers with photography degree is widely spread in the field of art and visual design.

What is the Scope and future of Masters in Photography?

By learning masters in photography, students can work in the field of art and visual design. The various artistic roles performed include freelance photographer, photographers for magazines, company, communications and events, photographic artists etc. Masters in photography salary offered for this degree holders is also a major advantage.

Job Options, Average Salary

The job options for students who pursue this degree can work in the interdisciplinary, international and multicultural teams, which are further sorted in ad publishers, design agencies, art institutions, galleries and also in media and film industry.
The average salary for students after this course is generally $58,000 in a year according to payscale.com.

Potential Employers

The potential employers include:

  • Design agencies

  • Art institutions

  • Galleries

  • Film and media industry

  • Publishers

  • Ad publishers and magazines.

Do I need work experience to pursue this course?

Students don’t need work experience but should have degree in the field.

What will I learn through this course?

The course will help you in enhancing skills in field of art and visual design. They will also be able to develop their own visual language and apply it in work places and art galleries. Analysis of narrative perspectives are also included in the course. The masters in photography details are given below: