Introduction to a Course in Psychology and Social Science
This course focuses on introducing students to social, psychological and cognitive concepts. Students will have a closer look at psychology and social sciences as a field of study. It will help students to acquire the skill and develop the understanding that is needed to study human behaviour. This course will combine the study of psychology and other social sciences fields to give a comprehensive view of the social world, complexities in understanding human behaviour and all the forces that affect it.

Reasons to Choose this Course

This course is well structured and specially designed for students who want to do an in-depth analysis of human psychology along with other social science areas. Students will be given an introduction to the key social and psychological aspects that play an important part in developing requisite skills. This course blends a range of modules, which cover different topics that enable students to learn about the core and specialised areas in psychology and social science. It will contribute to broadening their horizons and gaining significant knowledge about fundamental concepts.

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