Introduction to a Diploma in Business Administration Co-Op
This diploma is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of a wide range of aspects related to business operations. The program’s core curriculum covers topics such as accounting, marketing, finance, and more. Students who want to work in the business field should opt for a diploma in business administration. This diploma helps them to understand how the business world works and how the companies function. This course also gives students an insight into management ethics, leadership strategies, social responsibilities, and the empowerment of society.
  • The duration of this course is 66 weeks including scheduled breaks.
  • The intake for this program takes place in January, March, May, July, September and November.
    • Ontario Secondary school diploma or equivalent;

    • Age 18 or older;

    • A score of 5.5 in IELTS or equivalent for non-native English speakers.

  • In this program, students will have 480 guided learning hours followed by 480 practicum hours in an established business. The assessment of each module consists of:
    • Class Test: 50%
    • Final Exam: 40%
    • Contribution Marks: 10%
    • Fundamentals of Business Communications;
    • Bookkeeping, Computerized and Financial Acct with Simply Accounting;
    • Business Environment;
    • Managing Financial Resources;
    • Organizations and Behaviour;
    • Marketing Principles;
    • Business Decision Making;
    • Research Project;
    • Work Placement.
  • The full-time tuition fees for international students is C$12,495. There is a special promotion valid until the November 2019 intake wherein the tuition fees is C$9,000.

    Furthermore, the institute believes in reducing the financial burden of students, hence it provides them with financial aid in the form of scholarships and bursaries.

Reasons to Choose this Course

This diploma lays the foundation for education in business administration. It enables students to understand the dynamics of company operations. A significant number of these programs incorporate training and practical experience that result in positive learning outcomes. Students get to learn with the help of case studies, presentations and experts from the business industry. 

Is it Worth Doing a Diploma in Business Administration Co-Op?

This program aims to provide students with an opportunity to learn from instructors with extensive experience in business administration. The skills students gain after completing a diploma in business administration will allow them to start contributing to organizations quickly and effectively. Earning this credential can lead to a variety of career paths in today’s corporate world and there is no dearth of opportunities for competent students.

Why Should you Pursue this Course?

A diploma in business administration prepares students for senior management roles in business. They do this by exposing students to the areas of business including accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources. While it focuses on quantitative analysis of finance and similar topics, programs have expanded to accommodate changing views of management education. Today, coursework covers topics such as strategy, leadership, and organizational behaviour. Through this course, students can learn to be effective managers and build positive relationships with their employees.

Scope and Future of a Diploma in Business Administration Co-Op?

Dwelling on the scope of business administration course, it is important to highlight that all courses are designed in a different way. However, the purpose remains the same i.e. to offer administrative and leadership skills, which can enhance the market value students, thereby giving them an exponential career growth in domestic as well as in the international market.

Job Options

On completion of this program, students can work in diverse fields like client relations, consultation, business planning, portfolio management, investment banking, information systems management, private equity and data analytics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Conceptualize, advertise and sell the organizations' products;

  • Keep the company’s finances healthy;

  • Maintain the company’s positive image;

  • Gather and interpret data;

  • Hire the best people and keep them motivated.

  • Create hierarchies that helps a company thrive

  • Making tough decisions at the right time

  • Develop great leadership qualities to become an effective team player

  • Thinking out-of-the-box and come up with dynamic ideas for the growth of the company.